May 15, 2017

Blue Ribbons

Have been walking and enjoying. I'm bettering my life.

I'm taking a break from Facebook! I have a choice few I want to kids/family and a few friends.
Not to be negative, but....
 (I like lists:)

  • Anything political...we don't know WHAT is true. I only listen when I actually hear political people (not commentary) are saying in the political realm-not much...the Command in Chief is ___ (you can fill in the blank)
  • FB is becoming a modern day milk carton- yes, I'm very sorry for the kids that run away, taken, or otherwise.
  • Same for news...think we have enough of that elsewhere!
  • Just because you post it...doesn't mean you've done ANYTHING for it. Cancer...yes, the evil growth of cells. I believe we are very much aware of it. Does the cushy, cozy 'Awareness' do anything to solve? $ doesn't long as big pharma.  {yes, although I'm a very positive person...a person that likes people (and myself) to be 'happy', but I do feel a little slanted on many subjects. {THERE I SAID IT}
  • The 'Nametests'...really? come on...don't we have anything better to do than do cutesy tests? I'm glad 'so and so' was your best friend for the last year... how old are we? 
  • I like birds...but I refuse to clog FB with five bird posts a day!
  • I'm the oddball that DOES like to see your baking and what you had for dinner, all your kids photos, your projects, your deep thoughts, jokes, puppies, cats (all animals)- real stuff!

    Now, like I've said, I'm following many and will comment, but I'm done posting to facebook for awhile. I was starting to feel that 'need' to share...'Oh, I should put this on FB...' that thought can really fall into a habit lessening the wholeness of true life! Not to make it more sappy than it is...but many are missing the point -or- just maintaining that 'arms length' to life. Granted, some AREN'T that way :)
    Lately, I've seen some serious questionable things.
    I'm done.

    When I want to post or share I will BLOG! Even though it goes out to the 'public' it feels more personable!

    I have another list (a positive one), but I clogged the blog today!  I'll provide a list for NEXT time..until than- live authentically! 

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