Nov 10, 2018

'My' Tree

After 39 years, it's still there! It was on the edge of my parents property in Bailey, CO.
This tree spoke to me..comforted me...occupied me. I knew it from 9 to 13 years old. Then I left it.

 The bush at the base was still there overshadowing the lichen covered rock. I would sit on that rock and look at the views.  When I got out of the car to go speak to my tree I breathed in deeply. The smell I totally remembered. Same smell! A dry, higher altitude, Ponderosa pine smell. I remembered the yellow winged grasshoppers. Not sure of the name. Did you know that Colorado has over a 100 types of grasshoppers? All I know is that when they 'flew' they made this 'clicky' sound and you would see a yellow color. I would climb on the bigger branches. The tree was my friend.  To the right down at the end of the huge mountain valley you would see Mt. Logan (12,870 ft)

 My Tree
....somehow...I think it was happy to see me again.

Nov 6, 2018


Molly, Molly, Molly....She has loved to escape under the bed! Sometimes she sleeps there. I kept saying...'oh, she's got 2 weeks and she won't fit' Well, she is almost 8 months!

I'm beginning to think she will just LIFT the bed....

Oct 26, 2018



Four 1/2 yrs ago when I bought the house, I was ready...candy bowl, light on... no one! Instead, I will stay home and watching 'CHiPs- Trick or Treat' rerun! Remember Ponch being sprayed with perfume toy gun?
I bought some reeses cups and snickers just in case....naaa, for ME! ;)
I have a Amineko cat on my crochet hook...hopefully, I'll be finished by Halloween!

This year I had it in my head not to be 'down' because it was Fall. (things die for me in the fall)  But I embraced the color of the leaves, enjoyed warm beverages with or without marshmallows, and remembered that-

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is flower." ~ Albert Camus

Oct 21, 2018


{that is a large hill and to see the three parallel roads that you know to be there is just ...weird}

 I've come to a point in life that I don't argue. I've been guilty of arguing in the past, but I don't have it in me anymore. It's now becoming clear as ever the people who continue to want to (or not knowing they are doing it) argue....for argument's sake.

These photos are from Forbes Park in Southern CO from the 'Spring Creek Fire'....set by a Danish white illegal.
Did you catch how I wrote that? If it was any other is specified. You know , 'The black lady that was backing out of a parking lot...' or ' the Mexican that was working on the job'  or-...'the white guy that delivered my UPS package came today'- you just normally don't say the latter!  Oh, the subtleties of the entitled.
Believe me, if a Mexican illegal accidental/or on purpose set this fire...oh, boy...national news would know! That damn wall would have been talked about.  But no....quiet as a mouse the outrage that a white illegal accidentally/or on purpose set this fire that burned hundreds of houses. He is looking at 134 charges of Arson.
I'm outraged.

 The first cabin my parents built. A Real Log Home (named company for log homes) I grew up in from 8th grade to when I joined the Navy. The experiences, the thoughts, the changes you go through during that time period....    poof ...gone. Yes, I know, I have photos and memories. I get it. it's not about being sorry for is what it is....there is just a focus I can't (or don't want to) shake. And right now? That is okay...I can focus on it if I want to.

 The lady that bought this cabin is 83 years old...we had many of dinners and lunches with her. A strong independent woman. The Second cabin my parents built (another Real Log Home in Forbes about 12 miles further in was spared, but all the trees around it gone) Although, my Dad had recently just sold the 2nd cabin, he still owns about 5 acres...a nice corner lot. (half burned/half lighted scorched)
 Many of the roads in Forbes Park.
 A very hard burn in areas..this particular area actually looked as if a fire tornado had gone through. You could see the path and trees snapped in half!

There is absolutely no point in arguing. If someone says an opinion or says something incorrect (as if they are arguing) -so what?
 With social media (where everyone is correct, of course), news, or any tv...everyone is a talking head. Everyone has something to say. Sunday Quarterbacking on absolutely. everything. *and* Knowing. It. All!! ..and everything. is. epic.
I'm bored with it.

As we leave that area and go further into the San Luis Valley. The sunset 'sets' the course. There is no arguing. Nature will have its way regardless of what you think! 

...and the sun will set....with or without you. Also, a high level of 'hope' in that...the sun will rise regardless of what your going through.

Perhaps that is the essence at its purest form ~the true meaning of the life you live!