Jun 28, 2017


One of my 'World's Smallest 1000ct' puzzles COMPLETE!
Actually really enjoyed it...this is the size of the bottom of an old boot shoe box. about 11" x 18" I actually thought is was going to be smaller. I'm gluing and framing eventually!

Off to my next one! I think I will be making the far right. Painted by the same artist, Bonnie White. I'm Pinteresting her right now as I blog. Pinteresting-a verb.   Oooooh, her winter scenes.....

I have 'Bloomed Where I have been Planted'...many...many different times. 25 address changes to be exact. Some better growth than others, BUT.....nothing has been like rose petals on the path to my own cottage!!   Hey, we must do something that is simple, free, and good for ourselves. Never had rose petals put down for me... I had watered and sprayed my rose bush this morning and enjoyed what it yielded. Have a good day! 

Jun 22, 2017

Summer 2017

Who says it's the 'dog days of summer'? I believe my bunny would say it's a 'rabbit days of summer'!! Other than maybe a huge hawk, I'm so glad he can chill safely in my yard.
 I have had three World's Smallest puzzles that I have kept through many many moves! I thought I'd whip them into shape and frame them. Except one small point, pun intended, there is still 1000 pieces! Not as bad as you think. I like the puzzle piece shape (not irregular and no feet...all arms with head at either end) A puzzle person would know exactly what I mean ;) I'm enjoying it. I cat-proofed with three staging boxes that all can be put away easily.
As always, my rose bush never disappoints!

Jun 7, 2017


 My bank said their coin machine is out...because I'm too cheap to pay a % at one of those big box stores. I will do it the old fashion way!  FYI a small 'Cool-Whip' containers full is about $47.00!!!!
 Finally, going through ALL the recipes I have had through the years!
Snowflake is wondering why I'm not playing with her! Got her paw up hood-style!

May 28, 2017

Trying to Finish a Chore

Trying to make the bed! Seems quite 'lumpy'....

Candy Cane is checking it!  
{Snowflake is under the covers...oh, but they are in kahoots ..believe me!}