Sep 19, 2017

A Need for Hibernation...Soon!

Ok, on my 'trending' side of my Facebook here are the top three things:

  1. World is running out of antibiotics...(according to the World Health Organization)
  2. Trump vows, if threatened, to 'totally destroy North Korea'....
  3. More than 140 people dead after a powerful earthquake....
    (as we know second big shake in two weeks....)

    Then Hurricane Maria bearing down...another strong one in weeks.  This all isn't 'fake news'....!

    Religious people say that September 21st God's 2017 Feast of Trumpets (picturing the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth)....I am not up on my theology, so I guess my ignorance is bliss at this point.

    I just want to say...what the hell is going on?  I want to escape to some secluded place and live like a hermit off the grid. I do need a store to buy the coffee I like. HA!

    I try to justify it...this is all fake they only share what they want you to know...things aren't really as they seem. World is not bad. My Pollyanna thoughts seem to be fading.

    ...AND I found a dead butterfly yesterday :'(

Aug 30, 2017

Seeing Double

 Twins they are not, one (smaller) is the older one, Snowflake and 2nd one is Candycane. No joke on the name...Son named Snowflake, but the place I rescued CC from had named her that because it was December. All the black kittens had fun names. I told the ladies, 'You not going to believe the one I have at home!'

My good friend gave me this cute little garden flag!  I guess it's official, huh?  Nope!...there will ONLY be the two...double trouble are enough :)

I need a countdown gadget! I need to start a count down. Oh, boy...hope it is successful let me tell you.

Aug 29, 2017


That's all I've got...little tiny carrots out of my garden. That's all I got for today.
My heart goes out to anyone flooded by Harvey...and everyone's pets.

I have a 'blog' friend near Houston...I looked up her address-that area doesn't look good :'( she doesn't keep current on her blog , but does on her Goodreads. I've messaged her through facebook...

{...and HOW does a president tumble with words almost giving congratulations to the governor...I want to know how does that even come out of one's mouth? ...and 'congratulating victims for coming out ' whaaaat? saw it live. I'm sick of hearing this 'learning on the job' you either know empathy for others or you don't. Narcissists have a hard time with that-just sayin' ...he's a big boy at 71 years old -you shouldn't need a script for such a thing. I just don't get it}

Aug 27, 2017

What is the Meaning of This?

This was yesterday! I noticed I dare say..YELLOW leaves? 

 So, I pull out my poster board to glue the puzzles to and what do I see?  FANG MARKS?

I was smitten with my glue design. They both dried nicely overnight. I would like to hang in the garage near my Busing in the Fall puzzle.  Am I the only one that does this?