Jul 29, 2019

Just Clouds and a Friend

 Western Clouds Tonight

SW view                                                            NW view

 Eastern Clouds at the same time

Blue-eyed darner rhionaeschna multicolor female (males have the blue heads)
She stuck around for about an hour and 1/2 after the storm we had.....
I could feel her Peace she delivered!

Jul 9, 2019

The Needed Prescription

This is MY pharma!!

 Can't get these exactly together, but the total mountain range is always so gorgeous!

 (this was in June, so Aspens still getting green!)

Molly is the trail leader...she's knows. She even knows when I say 'slow' and when I need her to 'pull'!

What better way to get 'centered' then by go to your states topographical CENTER of the state!??

It almost feels as a MUST....to escape to the wild ALONE (well, with my pup)! Like a needed prescription! Friends say...oh, be careful, etc. I feel safer here than in the city! I grew up always with a minimum of five-ten acres. In high school it was always my mountain bike and my dog. Advance 32 yrs....my cute house (that's just right all I need) in the perfect lawn suburbia PLOT gets sooooo confining.

May 20, 2019

This, That, and the Other

 Blackberries were on sale at King Soopers!..light & yummy! The right amount of crisp & softness, light sugar (only 1/3 c for whole recipe)...gooey! I will be making again. You could use any fresh fruit. The Pinterest recipe is a KEEPER!!!

I took the hideous plastic white handles off the shed and put some light pink ceramic roses on there instead! 😇

So, I'm still addicted to Pinterest. What ways do you view Pinterest? I was thinking about that this morning. I pin, pin, and pin- (this list is when I'm on my computer...not the phone app)

1.  Today I"m thinking of stopping and going back and really looking at all I have pinned!

2.  Another way I look is to click and pin a favorite and then from there look below OTHER things that come up and click on that....and so on until I can't find another more.

3.  Some days I go back to my 'boards' and do a little dusting. Somethings I look at and go 'what was I thinking?' and I've also found lately the 'Psst! You've pinned this' doesn't always work, so I delete the extras!

4. I rarely look at the 'suggested' ones...just because I think I'm being led. haha...don't like that. I'm trying to always avoid marketing based things. I want pure inspiration -not something I can 'buy'

It's a rainy overcast day...perfect for this stuff! Canopy/Netflix type of day. Although, I should be reading! I would love to make some Peanut Butter Frosted homemade Brownies.... ahhhh, as you see my updated ticker. After all this walking with the retriever, I thought I'd be 20 lbs lighter today. HA!

 I don't know....it's just one of those things. Also, things are off and on and that's been going on for  last few years. They all say it takes years. Well, it's very much annoying and symptoms are definitely there. I know, I know....I can't blame it on that!  I'm not taking full responsibility.

May 4, 2019

Spring Saturday

Turned my sprinklers on and did some maintenance on a couple of sprinkler heads.

Cleaned my rocks I found yesterday! I want to tell you all about it!

 ...but first, I must have brewed black tea,  a hard boiled egg, some cheese and crackers, and some grapes!

I'll leave you with this while you wait..she thinks it's her place. Yesterday was the second time going!!