Oct 13, 2018

A Ponder

I set off on a voyage in my Aspen Leaf Boat! 

It didn't end well....
I suppose this speaks to many things in life...

Oct 10, 2018

First Snow

 Molly walked tentatively at first and then was a BLUR!

 Yesterday I enjoyed our daily walk enjoying all the colors of Fall!

I wanted to support a little gift store in Cuchara, CO (after losing business from evacuations from the Spring Creek Fire this past summer) I found some geodes for bookends! I ended up getting two 'right' ends! HAHA...that's okay...that gives me an excuse to go right back there and get two 'LEFT' ends!!

Those are of a Walter Scott 12 volume set my Mom had that were just dumped out of a box of the stolen storage. As if the CROOKS would have enough class, knowledge, or want to read the ones they stole!

Aug 28, 2018

Quick 'Thought'

"The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be not thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think."

Why do I feel we have already approached this?  {from Orwell's 1984}

Don't you love the stool my Mom used to always have? Toadstool!

Aug 27, 2018

No More Polly Anna

 I do believe Polly Anna PJ has left the building a few years ago...perhaps about 5 years ago.

 I am (was)(still am?) an optimist...I believe in love not hate...we are all on the place called Earth...yes, there is good and evil everywhere regardless, the greater good...perhaps to the point my my head is in the sand. It's like how a sunflower dances in the breeze. You live...you die...life on earth is so strong, yet so fragile. You come into this life with absolutely nothing-you leave this life with absolutely nothing.

ahhh, finally Molly is getting to the point (5 1/2 months) to actually enjoy sitting at my feet....becomes ALL that matters!

 I find it funny that on EVERY walk I take and run into people (she acts completely nuts!..because people are put on earth JUST for her!!), they want to know her name! (male/female alike) One guy was like, 'Is she female?' I said, 'yes' He said, 'Ohhh, sheeee is BEAUUUUTIFUL'   {I'm like, ok, dude..back off!} hahahaha...just kidding. :)
She popped out this morning! Made my day.

I'm not political on my Facebook, but it's funny....I broke my own rule today. Amazing how one that ne-ver responds to my positive stuff jumps on it.  Are those friends?  or is it just me not seeing their side. I'm quite sick of their side.  All I'll say is- 2020 can't come quick enough to have a chance..and if not...I will need to find a part time place in the mountains to escape.  Yeah, that head in the sand rears itself....because quite honestly, I don't think us minions really have a say. Let's be honest...I rely on corporate, but we are up against it. Eventually, it won't end well.

In the end...maybe the only thing that matters is the sunflower blooming! Nature Will Win I do believe!