Jan 20, 2019

A Gap in Moon Shadows

 Very amateur photos of the Moon eclipse tonight!

 These photos do not do it justice. It was magical!

 I wish I had a telescope. I remember my science teacher in high school would bring his out with an invite to enjoy at special nights like today!
 ...wonder if that could even happen in today's times? :'(

 With binoculars it was like a reddish translucent grape!
A 'half moon' laying down! ;)

Until there were no Moon Shadows. Again, through the binos it was spectacular... very 3D!!
I wasn't prepared to 'give up' anything to the moon tonight...but the night isn't over yet...I will ponder it. Thank you Nature!

Jan 18, 2019

stupid (don't read if you want to avoid anything about the pres)

Please don't read if you are avoiding politics. I respect ppls thoughts and stresses about this topic. I just need to vent and I will do so on my personal blog. (to save me from facebook) I know a few ppl that are working without pay. sure okay, they have passed that they will get their $, but that is not the point!
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..but see. The key word in that whole thing above is 'negotiate'. this is a person who doesn't negotiate...just uses bankruptcy and/or litigation to move on to next pet project. I cannot fathom why his followers didn't see his true path, but instead 'he's a good businessman, we need a businessman to run this country' mentality. Yes, if you agree and like ponzi schemes...but there are those that fall victim to such and there are those that don't.
this is not a Dem/Rep thing...this is a dangerous intermix of my above comment. He does not give a damn about the American people (and he proves that repeatedly with what comes out of his mouth)...only about himself. ...and there's a family within the walls of the white house that are there to make sure of 'his business'. May it all crash and burn---note-since big brother is watching...not in a literal way, but in a failure way.
************************end of stupidness***********************************
Not sure of the 'blue' background and font difference. I guess it came with the photo I pasted. I HAVE BEEN READING.
I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON A UFO. I don't think too long on the above. Hopefully, soon will be forgotten history. ...as any negative history a person endures :) It is off and on blizzard condition and I JUST LOVE IT!

Jan 5, 2019

2 Steps Forward...

...one step back for the New Year.

Had a friend pass away on the 3rd.  I don't have too too many friends...seems like life's mantra that is okay. Without going into details, she was in so much pain on Christmas day when I visited. On Dec 30...there was code blue...was on ventilator until the 3rd. :'(   She is missed.
Something like this always puts things into perspective and prompts looking at your own inevitable.

 Word of the day: ~SUPERFICIAL~
I see through anything of the such. 
I'm finding the real friends (including the one I lost) are quirky, they easily express their feelings-raw or otherwise....say what they mean-mean what they say...not always portraying that perfect picture...'cause really, as most of us know, that isn't how life goes....and then be able to laugh about it.
I've written a few thoughts here and deleted twice. Not clearly getting it out.
A good summary is that I feel people are either empaths or they are not...they feel for others or they do not. Over simplistic, but better than what I had first put.
Journeys go on...some journeys cross, some don't...sometimes they cross and meant to move on. And that's OKAY.

(Looks like a 'leash cam'!)
 hahaha...at least once on the walk, she has to have a twig or stick in her mouth!

I have journeyed Molly 4.2 miles this month so far. Could have been further, but I'm not letting my mind go that way. WOO-HOO 4.2 miles!!! More trails in our future!
 My Crafts and Reading are lacking thus far though...need to go work on that this weekend!
Good Day~

Jan 1, 2019

HELLO 2019

Little Miss Muffet (Molly) is 9 months old

 I have 6 projects to work on:

  • a Cable-stitch Pillow
  • Hat
  • Doily for my side table
  • 'October' Doily {I'll explain later}
  • a grey Kitty
  • Socks with yarn that my daughter bought me yrs ago

{the last snow was so light and fluffy it looked fake...if you click on it you will see the individual snowflakes!}

 I have 33 lbs I would like to lose...and I do mean go out to the woods and, like some conflicting bears, leave them behind! Each and every nagging pound that seems to love me-GET LOST!!!!

Tickers on my side bar for each topic.

Oh, and the number of books I want to read! (endless)
That list is kept in my Goodreads... my books I want to read in 2019! If you want to be my friend just request! ;)
I only made it through 44% of what I wanted to last year.
44%...that would be an 'F' on a test!
I must bring that up!
This officially is my accountability post! 

Candycane will be 3 this summer. Besides her serious owl eyes, she is happily purring in this photo. She thinks I can do all this!

Snowflake, who will be 4 yrs old this year, questions whether I can do all this!  She is happily purring as well in this photo!

Me and my fur children look forward to this year!
May health and happiness come to us all including my 11 readers!