Apr 3, 2020


 Spring hasn't been cancelled ;) I'm awaiting the beautiful blooms.

 BUT FIRST...got 4.5" snow! Got to love Spring snows...nice and wet. Molly is taking it in before it all melts! She LOVES snow!

Molly apparently likes squirrels, too! :O I didn't get mad...there were no puncture wounds it must have squeezed it to death.
 I did have to put gloves on...this sweet precious thing wrinkled her nose and growled when I tried to open that muzzle...impossible!
She wasn't listening to the command 'Leave It!'  Luckily, she regripped and squirrel fell out of her mouth. (poor thing)

I finally figured out how to properly size the main photo on my blog. I also took some links off, so my blog could be a secure https site! ;) I dislike when I go to sites that are 'not secure'....usually with blogs I ignore it.
 As usual, I need to get back to reading blogs!!! I DO cherish the ones I follow! Hope all is well with my readers~

Mar 16, 2020

Ahhh, Solitude?

 Tuna boats are sooooo tasty...a little mayo, pickle, celery, and hard boiled egg cut into it!! Made a little side of Annie's mac & cheese..nice dinner with leftovers, too!
 I went to the store for my 84 yr old father and his girlfriend. If looking at the facts...THEY do need to stay away from crowds! I will do what I can. I guess I realize the needed solitude (i.e. social distancing) is not that much different compared to how I live! ;)

 Snowflake says, "If only cats ruled the world..."

Molly say's, "If everyone lived like a Golden..."
Had to have one of those 'grey spots' to cover her! :O

I'm observing how there are two 'sides' of people regarding how they approach this situation that has spread across the world.

Side A:  they laugh, think it's fake, don't understand the hype, think every one is actually panicking if they buy extra supplies, only their situation matters...I'll go out on a limb to say they are non-empaths

Side B:  they like facts and visuals, think it's wise to buy extra stuff, spread more positive reactions thinking of others, understand the better be safe than sorry theory, thinks we are all in this together...this can all be overwhelming for the empaths

I relate to Side B.

Feb 3, 2020


Image result for vintage 80's unicorn mini tote

I had one! I'm thinking mine was light blue (?) or grey with the same varied unicorn. Bothers me I can't remember the color, but I remember I really liked it!

Feb 1, 2020


Happy Saint Brigid's Day

My favorite time of the year...last part of winter all the way through end of Spring!