Aug 9, 2018

Bone Talk

Here is the latest Growth Plate Talk for large breed puppies! (and certain breeds of smaller ones) Also, hormones help close the growth plates-my vet also agrees to DELAY spaying until after the first full heat or two least 12-16 months (if at all). NOT these three-four month neutering that are pushed.
Here is the Golden Retriever specific study
I suppose I understand the adoption type situations, but I have full control over mine. Today I was overzealous a bit...Molly, I will watch my watch better next time! We actually took a trail for an hour! Couple of water breaks...more for me than her, but....we are both needing to get in shape ;) 
*Of course, at 12 Nugget never had hip problems...(early spay, didn't think of limiting, and hip cert only on one side of lineage)..but she did pop her acl running after a squirrel 6 mos before finding out enlarged heart and lung cancer. 12 glorious yrs....not bad, but I'm aiming for the best.

SO, JUST WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS^^^??? hahahahaha

 Almost 5 mos old! 

 She would not touch the water! :O This needs to change, my retriever dog!

Eleven Mile State Park, CO
Sadly, you can see the smoke air from California they say! :'(
So many 'first' for Molly that day...many more to come!!!

Jul 27, 2018


 Trying my hand at 'cucumber'. Love my 'spinach' already! and I've had a big zucchini that was so sweet!

 If you could tell me what I planted here I would appreciate it! ;) I DID plant something, but don't recall what it was! :O  {bad gardener I know!}
ooo, see the little baby? I think it's 'butternut' squash.

My thought for the day after reviewing Facebook this morning. If I feel I need to look it up on Snopes, I don't want any part of it.

I wish I could just get rid of it, but...there ARE quality things I see often. People like me....sharing cats, puppies, family, personal thoughts (about growth or betterment), dry humor, personal incidents, views (of the landscape variety that is!) Etc. !

"Is it the full moon today, girls?"  the bats girls and the gold one don't know...and I'm shocked I don't know either. Energies are feeling 'off'. The cats aren't napping as they usually are at this time, gold puppy was sooooo distracted on her walk today, bumped into my calf way too many times, and I just don't feel spot on.
Note:  It is a full moon! 

Jul 26, 2018

A Twin...of sorts

 So this happened this morning! A little gold friend showed up. A young, VERY friendly cat enjoyed our porch and wanted to come in. I put Molly on her leash and went outside to say, 'hi'. Oh, boy, nothing annoyed this little kitty.  But....

Snowflake remained pissy and growling. She was like, 'You already brought home a gold one...there ISN'T going to be another!'

Molly and I had to go on our walk. Oh, boy...Kitty followed us! The distraction was unbearable for Puppy-kept looking back...hard to have a sensible walk like that. She wanted the kitty- I told her,
".. just because it looks just like you we cannot have another animal!"

The Kitty followed us a quarter of the walk...thank goodness there was another dog walker and the cat got distracted. I wouldn't have been surprised if the cat had been on that porch when I got back, but it wasn't. WHEW I really hope this Kitty well...she isn't 'scared' enough for my safety level of what I imagine for an 'outdoor' cat!

Jul 25, 2018

Something a Little Different this Sunday

'Sunday'...well, took me until Wednesday ;) Something different from HERE...enjoy!
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Hi! I'm your host Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World". . Welcome to Sunday Stealing.

This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud)  

Cheers to all of us thieves!

Here are some food questions from Swap Bot

1.  Do you like pie? Love Pie! I laugh at the saying 'easy as pie' although, I find pie the hardest dessert to make! My mom made the best apple pie.

2.  Italian or Mexican? I'll eat both, but I would rather have Mexican.

3.  Can you bake? If so, what are your favorite things to bake? Love to bake, but love to eat it, too! I have a sugar addiction that I'm trying to break. To go in the kitchen and slowly get out the ingredients, be quiet, alone, in my zone....yeah, it's more than just whipping up something for me.

4.  Do you use cook books or do you try to find recipes online? Depends...mostly, from my mom's hand written recipes. I'm lately trying a lot of my Pinterest recipes....dangerous. 

5.  Do you own a kitchen aid mixer? No, not ever really wanted one. I have a electric hand mixer second from my 29 yrs of cooking

6.  Ever cooked a meal for more than 15 people at one time? I have not
7.  Do you like hospital food? I don't know. Only meal in a hospital was after 19 hrs of labor and I actually ate two servings of 'lime jello'...which I cannot stand...but it sure was tasty at that point! HA

8.  Favorite fast food restaurant? Love Burger King Fries, love Chick-fi-la's sandwich and their waffle fries, love Wendy's frosty's, Panda Express orange Chicken or fire roasted chicken breast with noodles....I think you get the picture

9.  Any picky eaters in your family? Nope...overall we love food too much!

10.  Soda or Tea? I actually 'like' diet soda, but no more aspartame for me...sweet tea is my fav or brewing my own 'relaxation' 'rooibos' 'detox' tea and then chilling good! (no sugar)
11.  Hot chocolate? eh, take it or leave it, but on a cold blizzard type day with TONS of mini marshmallows...oh yea! 

12.  Favorite holiday dish? Corn casserole and pecan pie/pumpkin pie

13.  What is the most tasteful strangest looking thing you have ever tasted? I made a 'soup' with kroger frozen veggie soup starters and then put steel-cut oatmeal in it to cook...ugly, but soooo good!
14.  Fries or tater tots? who could deny Sonic's tater tots??? ..and you already know my weakness above for BK fries!
15.  Do you like cheese? If so what kind? never met a cheese I didn't like! 

16.  Home made or can soup? I love homemade...can has too much salt and the low salt ones just don't do it.

17.  Do you like to eat out? Honestly, I like drive-thru take home!

18.  What kind of food is popular where you are? (Like in Alaska it is seafood) well, I've never had Rocky Mountain Oysters ;) or 'special type' brownies...

19.  Do you like cotton candy? No

20.  Turkey or Chicken? Real Thanksgiving dark meat turkey, yes. Chicken-any. not a fan of breast.

21.  Hamburger or tuna helper? Sure, why not...once in awhile..

22.  Raw or cooked veggies? Depends on the veggie, but crisp cooked!

23.  Do you like salad? If so, what is your favorite kind of salad? all lettuce, but if your going to eat salad needs to have spinach, kale, dark greens

24.  Favorite pizza topping? Any, but not a fan of pepperoni

25.  Do you like meat loaf? YES that's comfy home type meal!