Feb 24, 2018

Jump In

Would you open this door?

 I feel the need to share some of my watercolor attempts!
 I have a ways to go....

I enjoyed this one and learned many things! So many dynamics to understand, but until you just JUMP IN and do it-doesn't matter how much you read about it! ;)
~jump in~

Feb 18, 2018

Proud February

A short video worth seeing regarding 'knitting'!!!

I'm taking a break from posting on Facebook...for many reasons, but I do feel I like to share things. I will share it here. I'm leaving a  beautiful photo of my daughter, son (in uniform!), my grandchild, and my son-in-law on Facebook for now. I will read the ones I want to and comment, but no posting for now.

It won't make sense what I'm about to say and I don't want to go into detail, but a couple of weeks ago (which I knew I was long over stuff, but it proved it) an embarrassing outburst of another person proved my strength & really tightened in that 'I'm over it' screw....and I was very proud that I stood my ground! beyond that-the event was worth waaaaaay more than any feelings of mine!

My son graduated from Navy bootcamp! I'm very proud of him...and, moreover, he is proud of himself as well! He did it.

Jan 3, 2018

Happy New Year!
I like the ring of 2018! This is my year! I'm updating my GoodReads....I'm waiting on a nice elliptical.....I'm rearranging things....I'm learning not to be wantless or needless....I'm going to try new things....This is my year!

{imagine using every one of those brain cells?!!}

Nov 28, 2017

Creative Ponder

First rule of your own creativeness....Never put it down!

I loved making these thread crochet snowflakes! Of course, there are two snowflakes most people would never make nor see, but the two black snowflakes are to give tribute to the two black house panthers roaming the rooms! (one with the name of 'Snowflake')
 ....of course, AFTER they do this----->

Anyway, this 'Snowflake' project was in my head before the Christmas season began, but when I hung it where I had envisioned ...it left me with the feeling of 'less than impressed'
What do you do when your not happy with your project?

I'm just waiting....it will grow on me I'm sure. Of course, if we could have some snow, I might be more in the mood!!