May 16, 2017

To Do Lists

 {Finally got out the Children's Book from the past-some are my brothers, mine, and my kids) into a revamped ugly brown pressed wood book shelf! I'm smitten with the robin egg blue! photo shows more 'blue'}
 I use Color Note on my phone for all the different little lists I have. Ok, obsession. One is the infamous "Honey Do-Me" list! Some people have a 'honey do' list, well I'm the honey to do it! :) Love my little my little tools I use.
Best tool is your magic. Not bad!

 My current list:
  • Change seal on door coming in from garage
  • Take up Boards on Boardwalk
  • Rocks from Forbes (day trip for Dad and I)
  • Homemade Stepping Stones (cement mix with glass/rocks)
  • Paint Garage walls
  • Touch up Paint in all day (small little things you see)
  • Paint my Room....the kermit throw up gotta go!
  • Paint the few fixtures that are....{horrors} gold!
  • ?Accent wall paint  (not sure about this one)
14 line items are CROSSED OUT...Completed! Maybe in near future I'll share what I did. Few are shown here.
Finally, a BLACK doily was a birthday gift for the friend that luuuuuvs black.

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