Sep 24, 2016

September 2016

Do I still have 12 followers? Well, if they are who I think they are...Thank You for keeping up with me. ...since I know all the reading involved {funny}
Well, do you realize what yesterday was?  A year. A year since Nugget went over The Bridge. Somehow I felt I needed to wait a year. Why? I don't if a year would mend a broken heart?

I am to the point that I need a dog.  Yes, there has to be a want, but ....I am in need. 
However, I DO love my hood cat though! :)

{Taking selfies with a cat is near impossible}

I leave you with an awesome 9 am cloud picture when I was walking back to the 'bus barn' one morning.

 ..and one of our first 'Pikes Peak' snow a couple of weeks ago.


Sue said...

That kind of hurt doesn't really ever heal, but when you're ready for another, then it's time. Having a new friend doesn't mean you love Nugget less.

Elaine Normandy said...

Love the photos. Love that you are thinking of getting another dog. A new dog is just a new chance to love and be loved, not a replacement.

Lorette said...

I'm a little late to this one. That cat cracks me up. And gorgeous sky photos!

Zippi Kit said...

You never forget your faithful little friends. Never. They stay there and we can recall them after awhile without so much of the hurt.

Did you get a little black cat? I love black cats. My sister and my daughter have a little black kittah...