Oct 29, 2016

Land that is Beautiful

#2341  is 3.75 acres butted up to common land and lake (common land)
From wood teepee which is on a cal-de-sac down towards lake another wood teepee and turn right into forest.    (a previous fall photo)

after Fall photo

^This is the cal-de-sac looking away towards the north along 'Kevin's Place' (yes, it's a 'road')
On the extreme left of this photo is the other lot #2340 a steep wooded  5 acre lot.
the house (on another lot) was behind the big group of aspen trees on the left which, of course, has electric box...so it wouldn't be too too expensive to carry it to the next lot.

^^This is another angel looking south on Kevin's place and the woods of #2340 which goes up the hill and all the way back to half of the back of the cul-de-sac. with the further trees mostly on lot #2341.
[In other words, they owed all the lots on Kevin's place!  with the house being on one lot that is in the middle.]

# 2338  is a 6 acre lot. Imagine going down this road to where it starts to curve (lot marker) and goes all the way to the corner of this road and 'Kevin's Pl' road.  Electric has already been brought up to the lot before the curve. I believe the land on the left side of the road is 'common land'. Behind the hills on the left you would see one of the Spanish Peaks (west one).

The land behind all these lots is common/national forest land. Behind these lots is wooden mountain that you basically 'own' ;) My brother and Dad did hike to top a couple of times.
^I believe he was almost to the top
^ this is a trail my Dad made on # 2340 (among other trails he made on other lots)  


Sue said...

It's Veterans Day, and I was going to email you but when I got a new computer a while ago I lost my contacts list. Just wanted to say thank you for your service! And to your daughter as well!

Zippi Kit said...

Goodness, I wish that I knew enough to check back here more often. Do you live in a different place now?

Also, I'll try to catch up on facebook because I want to know about your grand baby!