Jul 1, 2016

Made my Heart Leap

 Took a day trip! To Fairplay, CO (middle mountainous part of the state)
I had already preplanned from my topographical detailed Colorado map book and my CO ghost town book. At this point I'm at around 11,000 to 12,000 feet elevation.  
 Found it!!
An 'arrastra' for prospectors of 1860. Mule driven grinding ore down and water would be channeled over leaving gold behind. Most have been removed from South Park area for museums...this is a rare one left near the road going to 'Kite Lake' (I could not go the entire way comfortably in my car) Just west of Alma, CO in Buckskin Gulch on County Road 8.
 At the end of Buckskin Gulch you would see 3 out of the 54 Colorado mountain peaks that are over 14,000 ft! I turned around here. You can't see in the picture, but the road was getting a little much for a sedan. Oh, how I wish I had a small 4x4...maybe a Colorado (chevy's small pickup) might have to be next...maybe in 8 years or so ;)
 The air, the smell, the alone-ness, the complete security I feel in the mountains. Yes, believe it or not....within the city you feel 'oh, what if something happened...' reminds me of the days I would just take off into the mountains on a mountain bike with my dog.  Yes, I dearly miss Nugget esp. these times.
My Good Thins wanted to explode! HA could you imagine!? By the way, they are very tastey. I got them free on one of the 'Free Friday' that King Soopers has. (Ralphs, City Market, Kroger...few others..all same company...got my Daughter hooked on the APP, too!)

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Zippi Kit said...

Isn't it fun to watch the sealed bags expand and expand. lolz