Jun 25, 2016

Half the Year!

SURPRISE!!!! I'm here!
So, I'm going through my bookmarks on my laptop and there was Golden Oasis! Wow, home sweet home! I reread my last entry and I think to myself I should update everyone!

"Blaaah, blah, blah..." "We do not go blah, blah, blah," Oh, Hotel Transylvania 2 is such a cute movie! Life is Good!
....but I guess that's my GRANDMA side coming out!!!  That's right!  If you know me from other social media you know it!

I have an idea to leap from my own starred tidbits from last post.
  • Goodreads- I have read a few books this year....it needs to be more! I'm milking this Stephen King 'Mercedes Man' need to get it done.  (I believe my link is correct on the side of my blog for Goodreads...will check it out shortly)
  • Still haven't enjoyed my National Park or train DVD's....I'm enjoying some Netflix movies. I'm finding that I'm a little odd.  I'm sure you all could have told me this long ago! I'm finding I don't enjoy the 4-5 star ones, but the 2-3 starred movies.  So, on a whole I don't like what other people tend to like.
  • Drawing and watercolor.  For Christmas my daughter gave me one of those coloring books! What a hoot! and I haven't done any pen and ink lately. I used to do birds with Bible verses. Maybe they were soothing back then. I did do a oil pastel. I was looking through Pinterest (I'm addicted) and had to get it out of my head.

  • Wood burning....needs to happen in the next week! Why not?  I have some scrape wood and some nice branches that I would like to make some small picture frames.
  • Which leads into 'Crafts'.....I'm not sure if my heels are digging into the ground -or- I just haven't gotten back because I put them down out of a sideswipe and just haven't picked them back up. My last memory of seriously attempting something was Fall 2011. This a shame.
  • Next pet? 
'Snowflake' she is about 10 mos.

She was my Son's cat and he realized she needed a little more time than what he can give. She loves me and I love her. It was hard at first...she is a cat! But now I can't see my life without her. Let's see? would love to add a grey one! Yes, I'm a empty-nester and over a certain age, but it's not the crazy cat lady thing. Trust me.  Another dog? hmmm...right now I have my moments losing Nugget, but kind of enjoying not having to let in and out and I can go away for a weekend....So, it will hit me when it's time.
  • Pride of Son and Daughter....goes without saying for both ...they are both doing well! :) My daughter and son-in-law had their first child!  Ohmygooooodness, to only pick three... I've been there twice...at the birth and just came back!

  • yes, routine is good. I'm selfish with my time. and next school year will start my 9th year of driving that bus! (not driving this summer. I'm annualized, so 'summer driving' is extra-I've done it a couple of times and not sure it's really worth it for time spent back and forth twice a day and starting a year feeling like you never stopped.  Many people probably think this job is easy, but it's mentally and physically trying. Needed a break!  So, Happy Summer!


  1. Welcome back! And CONGRATULATIONS on the new grandbaby! She (?) is just beautiful.

  2. Here are the pictures! Thank you! I knew that bebe had to be here

    Congratulations to the parents and to you! Lovely Lovely!


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