Jan 3, 2016

A New Year...2016

I will not let the days go by....I will not let it get away. I need a new direction. 

Oh, now I need to figure out why my phone pictures have stopped saving on my google images? It was fine until end of October....

So, great... I have no photos and I just got back from San Diego!

A list format always work in my mind! I really don't 'do' resolutions...because I am resolute about what I am resolute about. Ah-ha! ...so there, I said it.

  • Goodreads wants to know what is my goal is for this year....I certainly hope more than last year!
  • went through my DVDs ...picked out some I would like to revisit and even some I haven't watched! (some Ken Burns National Parks and one on history of railroad)
  • ***I. Have. Craft. Projects. THAT I WANT TO COMPLETE!***
  • I would like to try my hand at drawing and watercolor. (pen and ink type)
  • I would like to try my hand at wood burning. (it's been almost a year since I bought a burner)
  • I'm so proud of my son and daughter.
  • When to get my next pet. what and from where?
  • I like maintaining. I like routine. ....but why am I getting bothered when I don't think people understand it. -or- rather they really don't care and I"m just thinking something up. After all, everyone is in their own 'bubble'
  • need some new music
  • ....I AM resolute about adding to this list and using my blog to enhance on each item!
Yes, that last one seems like a nice direction!

I'll leave a photo of the plane we rode in Orlando FL last October...yes, planes are a nice representation of direction! ;)


Zippi Kit said...

I love that you share the internal mental roads of your journey. And that you're back safely on the ground.
Big hugs!

Zippi Kit said...

Routines are very good things, and very much missed when a curveball comes at your life.
We feel so blessed to have seen you and sweet N. T'was lovely. Also, we found the tea you shared, online!!
Have a great week, PJ!

sonia a. mascaro said...

A Very Happy Mother's Day, dear Paula!