Aug 1, 2015

Blue Moon

 Blue moon rising last night.  Yielded a migraine in the morning! 
....but I love full moons

 As a early birthday present for her and last weekend before going back to work (Yes, already!) I bought a little pool and put her tennis ball in it. Nugget loves swimming....loves lakes...BUT she marched right over 'rescued' her ball out and went right back to the patio!!

 Notice the wet paw prints and securely rescued ball besides!  Please excuse the bag I picked up some cuttings...

Well, I guess she knew my motive.....BATH....she was not amused!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy Birthday adorable Nugget!!
Your pool looks very nice.
I always love seeing your photos dear Nugget!
Lots of hugs to you Paula and to Nugget too! :) :)

Zippi Kit said...

Awww. Nugget I missed your Birthday, Girrrl!

Lots of love Paula, to you and dear Nugget!