Aug 23, 2015

Where is August Going?

 ^^^This should be against the law: IT'S AUGUST!!!!!!!  ^^^ 
I went into Hobby Lobby to look for end of season sales for garden stuff. Maybe I could find cute metal decorations....silly me, I don't know WHAT I was thinking....
I thought this looks like a Monet...Nugget cooling off in the shadows. She epitomizes Peace.
So excited to share I have met a THIRD 'Blog Friend'! She and her wonderful family came out for a trip to all over Colorado. During my lunch time period I met them off at Garden of the Gods!  It was great and I wish I would have had more time!

With all the awful fires out west....our Pikes Peak is clear sometimes and other times not. Depends on the wind! So glad Susan and her family were able it see it with clear Colorado air at the time!

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