Jul 22, 2015

No Glamour Here

 There comes a time where that ball and chain must go!!! 
 No matter the adjustments, I couldn't get it correct.  My other bathroom has the new type-no problem and less noise.  I have to say I am just smitten with my tools. I always have been the jack of all trades being a Navy wife for 23 years...proudly tinkering, but now that I'm a loner I take pride in knowing I can do most repairs. The pink little tub helps as well!  (besides catching water when taking the old one out)
What was the hardest part and made the repair take about 40 minutes longer than necessary was the old metal line. It kept leaking once I reattached to the toilet.  So, off to Lowes for the second time (*sigh*) for a nice FLEXIBLE line. I made a good choice in a stainless steel colored one...the white one would be noticeable.. details...details. Installed in 5 minutes and it was dry as a bone.  Is a bone really dry?  It's like 'easy as pie'....pies isn't the easiest to make.
ANYWAY....did some interior and exterior cleaning (not shown)...more than a repair person would probably do.
SO,  new valve $8.00 and new flex pipe $4.00= Total Repair $12.00

OH, and $6.00 for Panda Express for a job well done....if I may say so myself :)

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