Jul 17, 2015

Cozy in the Cottage

It's been waaaaaay too long! However, I'm not apologizing. Time is a funny thing. Time passing. Time growing. Time contemplating. Wasting time on social media. etc. etc.

I'm still here :) Nugget is still here! She will be 11 years old next month. My kids are doing good. I'm an empty-nester.  I'm doing good. Love being single. Love my friends. Love life. Love Colorado. Love my house. Love my rose bush. Love my cone flowers, Love my bird bath that is used daily by different birds. Great...got this out of the way ;)

One thing you can do with a blog that you can't on Facebook is to be serious! I can't anyway. I keep it positive...Nugget, birds, views, travel, flowers, Pooh memes, spiders, star stuff etc....but the moment I say something deep....nobody responds. Yet, all the crap I'm seeing is getting overwhelming....tired of politics, tired of all the lost kids, tired of the religious stuff, tired of the racial stuff, tired of all the people who think their opinions are correct and should be yours. You know what they say....opinions are like a**holes...everyone has one.  (sorry)  WAIT...no, I'm not sorry hahaha...what I've learned over these past two or three years....gee, what have I learned? HA! Loaded question!

This is me. I don't think I have to impart my thoughts or feelings on anyone else. I believe that to be strong. People who have to force their thoughts on others are the most judgmental of all. The downfall of humanity is occurring right this moment on these social medias..as we hide behind our screen judging everyone and everything...the epic-ness of everything is exhausting.

SO, I have kinda had it up to 'here' {above my head} with Facebook. This summer has been very productive for me and have had a few home projects that I'm proud of...and, yes, I have photos! If you've followed me on FB you have seen some of them.  Also, on FB I can control who sees my stuff as blogging is a little more 'public'.  Well, I live out loud and really shouldn't care....I'd like to use my blog as a journal. I used to write 'to' my readers...I'd like to now write for my sake. I'm going to write "I don't care if no one comments" 50 times...

Today I totally restored my laptop and it's working like new out of the box!
Tonight I've decided to get reacquainted with my blog.  Need to update some things, maybe change some colors, and I'll be back with some photos!!!!

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Sue said...

Hi there! I'm not a huge fan of Facebook either, but still like the blog platform. Mostly as a record for myself. Glad to "see" you again! And yep, I love being single, too