Oct 7, 2014

Fall 2014

 October first brought a magical sunset!  My favorite season is Spring, but I tend to like Fall just as well! This weekend I will bring out all my little scarecrows to decorate the house! Perhaps this year being the 'first Fall' in the new house I should buy a few more?  I like those little ones best!
 Today we had 'bus evacuations' with are drills for each school's load of kiddos. Many did fantastic and we did have a problem with one student as he kinda freaked out because of the buzzer noise. We cheered, we encouraged...but there is that point at which you don't want to push too hard. Note to Self: if ever there was a real emergency on route and we had to leave the bus, I would have to be physical to aid in his safety.  Let's hope that never happens....but there 'can be' bus fires and you have to act promptly. These drills are soooo important as you get to learn these type of responses.
 When I came home I make myself some ice coffee and took my JOHN ADAMS book to my patio. Yes, I'm still reading on that book...only have about 200 pages left.  I'm so distracted with other things in life.  This was my view!  ahhh, heaven on Earth.
Finally, the most important news! My daughter got married last weekend!!!!  I was able, with my father, to fly out to San Diego- I would have NEVER missed that! A normal person would conclude 'of course, you wouldn't'   well, unfortunately her father did. I will leave it at that.  Next time I will have some wonderful photos! Most of you are on Facebook and have seen them...

 Ah, the passage of time.... in three more days it will be a year since my Mom had died.....   It hits me at strange times.  A year.... what has occurred in this past year...a move, a purchase of a home, a graduation, a wedding...I truly believe that Mom has been watching and is very happy for us all.

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