Oct 18, 2014

Off the Mountain

October in Colorado is just darn beautiful!!!  This past week went to my Dad's place to spend time with him.  Trees everywhere are stunning. Although, at his place most have left (9200 ft elevation) Before I left, my Dad and I picked out my Christmas tree from his land!! He will bring it up before Christmas...
(which considering the weather and snow in December on his land..finding it is half the battle!)  It's so special!

Today I think was my last mowing. Last week I winterized my own sprinkler system...I haven't put water on the lawn in over 2 weeks. Today I raked up some beautiful leaves before I mowed and edged. Thinking to have a 'neat' winterized lawn. I couldn't stop smiling...it was just gorgeous today at my Colorado Cottage!

1 comment:

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! Just gorgeous your Colorado Cottage!
Nugget is adorable as always.
Lots of hugs.