Sep 6, 2014

Fall Thoughts

 My art and my brother's art...together on a wall! I should have taken a closer picture of his Tiki he made me....I made this house quilt many years ago. I had it hanging in my office when I used to work for a commercial real estate office (asst. full charge bookkeeping) in Florida. Ahhh, you should have seen this office with a view. A bay with old broken boat nestled in on the shore side.....and a beautiful grey office cat with green eyes!  A dream place really....very good people....but life had moved me from that in 2003.
 I never have regrets...just a gathering of experiences!  For if I had not gone from there to finally here, I would not have what I have now!  Over simplistic....but great thoughts for my minimalist pondering and living!
If you have been a reader of my blog since '07 you knew I had planted many bulbs at the grey house 'we' (when I was still married) used to own.  In the whole fiasco of recent daughter had kept my leftover bulbs!!  She had also bought me seeds this past Mother's day! :)  ...and I have bought a clematis and peonies (bulbs).
 I wanted to let the first summer present itself ....see what had been the cycle and spirit of my property.  As Fall is approaching....what and where should I plant? Stay tuned!!!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Hello dear Paula,
Your beautiful art and the beautiful art and your brother are just wonderful on your wall!
Love your dinner table too!
Looks great the nice gift for Mother's day from your daughter!
Many hugs and much Love.

Anonymous said...

Such Wonderful photos and you are making a beautiful place again for you and the kids. I'm looking forward to the next few days, too. Hugs!