Jun 2, 2014

June Already?

 So much has happened!  My Son graduated from High School!  Many friends and family came from their busy lives to enjoy, give encouraging words, & support! Shown above is my brother from FL, my son, yours truly, my father, and my daughter from San Diego!

 Another viewpoint from my back patio. Since taking this picture we have received wonderful afternoons of rain and the lawn has come in out of 'winter' nicely. SO nice to have a place and space for Nugget...back to much needed patio time for her!
 Need to get out and take some nice photos of my house!  I closed the deal in April...but it hasn't been until this week I have REALLY started getting things organized! Finishing out the year of driving came quickly after a weekend of moving. I tried to get as many field trips as I could and then my wonderful friend from CT came out for a weeks visit...as well as others gathering for my son's graduation. Some of the things I wanted to get done didn't happen, but I learned - it did not matter!  The plastic wrap on the curio gave nice ambiance!
...and this week...my son's boss was given the green light to go ahead and make him Manager! The young man has to wear a daily tie!  ;)  He has been with the company for 2 years and at this point to make Manager at 17 is absolutely awesome.  I'm so very proud of him!

 I had a thought after a few trips to the Denver airport these past two weeks.....to 'come home'...I'm so lucky to live in Colorado....and to come back to my home....
It's surreal, but I have to continue unpacking my boxes..... permanently.


Elaine Normandy said...

Congratulations on everything.

Cathy said...

Oh! How wonderful for T! I just love how handsome he looks!!

And you! A new house! To unpack permanently must be a real high for you. I can't wait to see more of your new nest!