May 12, 2014

A Wonderful Month of May in the Year 2014

 I posted this on Facebook in honor of Mother's Day!

This morning I have a 2 hr delay for staring school, so I have decided to read my favorite blogs and post to mine! I have missed this, but I've been quite busy! More pictures to show what I mean! I have 8.5 days left of school! This year I have decided to 'sign-up' for special needs summer school which is a four day week for the month of June. (half days) So, why not?  I view it as furniture money!  BUT FIRST- in a short nine days my son will graduate from high school!  Things are moving way too fast!

The second photo eludes to what I have been doing.  Breakfast at PJ's Cottage!
Let's just say...Nugget approves!

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sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful photo in honor of Mother's Day!
Congratulations to your son!

Love the cottage and Nugget looks adorable as always.
Lots of hugs.