Jun 21, 2014

Snap Shot!

my wonderful cactus last week!

I did something today that I have been putting off for ...well, since selling of the Colorado home in 2011. I had two boxes full of photo albums. You know how we did it years ago...snap pictures, develop them, and put 'em in albums. Through all these past years, especially the last two...I never opened these boxes.
  I just couldn't.

This morning I said...that is it. Since moving in...these were the last two boxes.  The only other boxes are ones that have my children's toy's, baby stuff, etc... 'attic' type stuff.
THAT'S IT...GOT TO OPEN THEM.  I had dreaded it thinking I would be saddened seeing a certain person in all the photos when my kids were younger.Something very surprising happened!

 For 24 years...this is what I did...I'm proud of it...I own it! I had nothing to hide! Then, I guess out of spite, I realized....I held it down, he wasn't there half the time, I did many of the holidays alone..I did the ball games, the zoo visits, trips to my parents, the funny things that we captured on camera.  Like the time my kids put mustaches on each other , put a mustache on Nugget , and even put a mustache on the FISH (by pinning it to it's tiny betta aquarium)  ...... ALL of this is what shaped the kiddos!!

Sure! There he was....loved his kids...thought he loved the family unit we had formed...there he was.
Did not bother me at all.   If he wanted to make other choices...or ultimately sleep with another woman....what the hell...THAT WAS ON HIM!
Has NOTHING to do with me! There's been more without me in his life anyways...

BUT HERE IS THE KEY!  I still have my life. I still like what I like. I don't check out on my children no matter their ages.
Two boxes of albums? YOU BETCHA! ...and I'm very proud of them and will be looking at them! Sad the other party just wanted to check out, but oh well. I know what I've done and my self respect has remained in tact!

My Cactus speaks loudly to me-out of spiny experiences come beautiful flowers!!

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Charleen said...

You see so many requests on photography blogs about how to remove someone from old photos but I think you have a very healthy attitude. Congratulations on being the respectful, loving mother!!