Mar 28, 2014

Blog Abuse

I forgot to alert everyone that my last post was my 500th one!! Well, I'm still here and am doing well...I'm almost done with my project. I will soon share!
 Above is the line-up that was WASHED!
Nugget paid attention to her clan for a solid hour before relaxing with her favorite! (under her chin)

Well, I'm on Spring Break! Last week I enjoyed heading to the mountains to spend four days with my has been an Official Lazy know the type....totally not get anything done with an overage of pinning on Pinterest. (that place takes waaaaaaaay too much of my attention/time...lending it to blog-abuse of ignoring my blog friends!)
Tomorrow?    Who knows...could be the same ;)    enjoying the freedom in that!!!!

{the abuse I talk about? ...forgetting that I posted the same photos!.....I'm needing to get out with my camera more!!!}


sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! Just great!
As always love so much seeing adorable Nugget! So lovely relaxing surroudend by many toys.
Enjoy your freedom and have a nice Sunday!
Lot of (((hugs)))

Zippi Kit said...

Congratulations! And now come back again! I miss your photography and familiar chatting away about what you read, cook, how the kids are doing, how Nugget is. Glad to see her so content with her life again.