Mar 8, 2014

Not Lost

 No, I'm not lost....I'm Found.  To be back with the awesomeness of views like this... I'm thankful every day! Seriously, sky like that never get old!  ...and we can't ignore the sky line!
I can't remember if I even blogged in February or not...that is a shame.
 Important things have been going on! Like Nuggets lovies being WASHED!  Hey, you should have seen a two year old missing her toys and then took a good hour playing with them all afterwards! The simple joys in life! In order, my I present:  Mr. Fox, Mo-Mo, Mr. Skunk, and the most fav....'Chipmunk'.....the balls didn't satisfy her near as much during 'wash day'
  I went almost two years with natural grey...I liked it, I'm glad I realized the full amount that I do have, I received nothing but compliments...not a negative word....or, like normal people, if they thought something they had the couth to maintain the 'if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything'  that's respect....that's the power of self-confidence not to HAVING to offer opinions everywhere a person turns.
Ok, a little dig there, but as the journey goes on's just getting better and better! The 'you shoulda' 'you coulda's are of the past that is actually getting to be a distant memory.

My grey hair rocked, but my choice for now...was purely mine.  I have to be honest it took me a couple of days to get used to it, but I had compliments from people who normally don't 'compliment'.
  Gosh, life is an experimental lab isn't it?
There are things brewing in the pot, but like any good takes time!


Elaine Normandy said...

You look terrific!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Paula, you look gorgeous!
I loved your natural grey too!

Love to see the adorable
Nugget with her washed toys! This photo make me smile! :)

Zippi Kit said...

Either way you look fantastic! My natural hair is black so it's not as natural a look for me at my age. hehe. Your's looks perfectly natural!