Jun 9, 2013


Birds are chirping...yesterday I finally did something I've waited many years to do. Get a handle of all the paperwork in the household! No, mind you somethings were active, ongoing paperwork...but it felt great to clip certain papers up and put it in a permanent file in my file cabinet. Then there are articles...now, these are an every flowing tide of articles and I'm guilty of it myself. If I read one of my Smithsonian magazines and I come across an article I want to ponder or save, I pull out and staple it....and file it. Also, my father is notorious for all the little articles he shares with me! Think of it like, sending an email with attachment.   I do find very thought provoking and it's a nice thing to have with him.
{what I call a TROLL PAW}
Maybe it's because I'm at the end of a generation that used to use Card Catalogs in libraries! Oh, how I loved it!  I 'like' files.  Things have a certain place.
Now, it's amazing how much paper you actually CAN throw out!  ...in my case, about three 'Target' bags worth!  Hey, that is weight that weighs you down during a move.  NOT that I'm moving...someday...but not now.  The focus was tremendous during this process. You forget to eat and realize around 2pm that your starving.

I have one lightweight accordion file, at my finger tips, for just everyday bills...utilities, rent, etc.  But for those 7 years of taxes you must keep with bank statements....I know, I know...electronically keep? Honestly, I still do bank reconciliation the manual way...I am to the penny.
{Nugget and 'Chipmunk'...at this point, looks like he has rabies!..she really does leave him there-I just turned him around-they are watching tv}

Then there are the 'favorite folders' of past articles clipped by me...for me.  Travel destinations, garden ideas, paint colors, book ideas, drawing ideas, pictures of favorite things. THEN, it totally dawned on me...my 6 bright colorful (Mostly Winnie the Pooh...) two pocket folders are my Pinterest boards!!!!!   I was already doing this! I've been doing this for years!  This is why I like Pinterest soooo much and why I'm neglecting my blog and that makes me sad. Somethings could go...tastes change. You look at something and go, 'I don't even remember liking this? Who was I?' and then there are things surrounding broken dreams that you need to just purge out of your existence.  To throw such things away is powerful!  BE GONE!  You also learn a little about your self through the process.  Surprising things...hindsight is always 20/20.... enough of that, but one thing I found remarkable-I thought the 'travel destinations' articles were going to be difficult to get through, but they were not perhaps the feeling surrounding it was also 'just a me thing want' after all...and guess what?  THAT'S OKAY :)

Now, Nugget would visit me in this trance periodically wondering why I have gone into such a sedentary way....but as always...she understands and lays on top of the papers I'm throwing away! Keep it warm in a way...

I'm down to a two drawer file cabinet that I use for holding my printer/fax/copier. Of course, there is a mini quilt on top to lessen the 'office' look. Bad Fung Shei to have electronics in your bedroom....

I still have my six Disney folders... and for my craft items I have two white folders with numerous page protectors for patterns.  It's NEAT...it's ORGANIZED..it's INSPIRING.  Positive energies abound....  
I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do with the time off from work!  BE STILL and LISTEN

{If it falls on the floor..it's hers!}


Cathy said...

Love the images of the filing. Makes total sense to me - only so much room to keep everything!

Expect you are dealing with smoke and worry. Hope the southern fire isn't close to your folks.

Elaine Normandy said...

Hope your folks are okay. Are they near the evacuation area?

sonia a. mascaro said...

I always love seeing photos of the lovely and dear Nugget!
So good to have a dog to love!