May 18, 2013

Simple Love

We always talk about our toys....projects....wishes...hopes...dreams....
This morning I ponder a Golden's life. I've always said that if people lived like a Golden there would be Peace on this Earth!

Life is simple. Nugget needs her food and outings...but then there are her TOYS. Although she is a retriever ..that last only about two times. Even as a puppy she would occupy herself...she gets on her back and loves to rock back and forth over her toys. That is why the flat 'stuff-less' toys work best. (I believe you can see Mr. Fox on the floor under where her mouth is)  To the left of her is her toy basket.  Her favorite?  Chipmunk.  It's not Mr. Chipmunk...just Chipmunk.  She knows the difference. Just this week....Mr. Fox was out on the floor along with Mr. Skunk and Chipmunk.... in my higher excited voice I looked at Nugget and said, 'Wheeeere's CHIP-munk???'  she went to each of them and finally picked up Chipmunk!  Now, she will not give them to me. It's more like, 'I'm just coming to you to show you I have my toy!'

 Now, sometimes Nugget will have an old tennis ball out and will 'play' with her chipmunk WITH Ball!  She looks at  Chipmunk...freezes... drops ball in front of toy....freezes... (as if Chipmunk is going to grab the ball) and then she will mouth each of them alternatively!  It's hilarious!   One day, if I think quick enough, I need to video it!

Last week I captured this photo. I was watching TV and Nugget came over and dropped her chipmunk on the couch and watched TV with me. Simple things in life!


  1. Funny! Riley could pick her toys out by name too. Lewey is simpler, he just wants to shake things and tear the squeeky thing out.

  2. Yes, simples things in life are really lovely and great!
    Nugget always looks so adorable, so sweet!

  3. Smart Nugget. Using toys as her back-scratchers! :oD


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