Jul 1, 2013

First of Another Month

http://www.pbase.com/tgrey/image/71253496 (I save image as I would love to have it on my desktop, but wanted to give credit-hopefully I'm not breaking any copyright laws...)

A Cinnamon Teal! I'm not sure that I have seen one. I'm completely smitten with this duck this morning! On my Pinterest and my Facebook...ah, yes, two of which do suck my time away from my neglected blog! I always have planned to get to my blog, but then something happens and I never quite compose what I want to say.
Here is a SHOCKER-
Finished a couple of books this summer:
"Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition" as I wrote in my Good Books review giving it only two stars- I'm not a person that is trained in design, but I love the correlation between nature and geometry. The book started out with those comparisons, but went into geometry and key posters of the past as well as furniture....Mies van der Rohe, Jules Cheret, A. M. Cassandre. I enjoyed learning about Root Rectangles and Golden Section rectangles and triangles, but that was only the first 42 pages of the book. I'm guessing this book might be a short study for a graphic designer

And then finished a tongue in check (not really)-gave four stars for: "Relativity and Quantum Physics for Beginners" my review- Great for teens, but works well for very beginner adults as well! I kind of got a kick out of the Surfer Dude and other drawings throughout that lightened the topic! It's a keeper...my geek side came out and I would like to do further research!

  I'm still reading John Adams...I do like the book although he frustrates me! The book read very smoothly, but I need it in small doses.

Letter to his wife Abigail around the time he take a donkey ride from Spain to Paris ...imagine a donkey excursion from December 15 to February 9!
'May Heaven permit you and me to enjoy the cool of the evening of life in tranquility, undisturbed by the cares of politics and war-and above all with the sweetest of all reflections that neither ambition, nor vanity, nor any base motive, or sordid passion through the whole course of great and terrible events that have attended it, have drawn us aside from the line of duty and the dictates of our consciences. Let us have ambition enough to keep our simplicity, our frugality, and our integrity, and transmit these virtues as the fairest of inheritance to our children. 
Peace was his dearest wish. But when ever would they see it? "The events of politics are not less uncertain than those of war' '

I cannot help but scratch in the margin (as my father has through out the margins of the book) "Yes, the 'wait' I knew it well"      Certainly, by no means, do I identify my own military life with what the Adam's went through by in the late 1700's, but ...I wonder how the book will end....a man who with the utmost passion for America and yes care for the wife, but will that man understand the true tranquility of life beyond the quest in the end?

yes, it's a good book to evoke such feelings.

...and THEN there is the Dust Storm shawl I'm crocheting...still. I had some time at my parents to work on it..I'm over half way completed. Again, a project of feelings with each and every stitch.

Two Things:
Sitting with my Mom
Walks with my Father


Cathy said...

The invitation still is open for you to come up and go for a sunrise walk along the Fossil Creek Reservoir. Lots of small ducks, grebes, herons etc etc.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! This Cinnamon Teal looks gorgeous!

Sounds so nice to sitting with your Mom and walks with your Father!
Enjoy this weekend.

zippiknits said...

I've seen one Cinnamon Teal in the winter flocks here. If I see him again, should I say that you are waiting for him to go to Colorado? ;-)

I'm glad you could be with your mom and dad, too. Hugs m'friend.