May 11, 2013


It's one of those wake up at a time that your body wakes up naturally. For me, that would be 6:22am. Yes, that is 'sleeping in'....and, oh boy, how good it felt!
my handsome son -Junior/Senior Prom last weekend  
(sorry for the angle..he IS tall, but not above the door!)

Throughout the day you rarely look at the clock. My weekdays are FILLED with time watching. From leaving the apartment to checking in to work, to going out and 'pre-tripping' my bus. Then it's the exact time you 'leave the gate' to checking the watch seeing the exact time to show up to the first bus stop.  After the first bus stop you are at the mercy of the traffic, traffic lights, little human being loading up on the bus....then the school time...time to leave for the next school...etc.

I think you get the picture. To not look at the clock is simply BLISS. I went through my files, I went through my budget book, I looked up every on-line 'company' I work on...making sure addresses/emails are accurate. My son had a day off from work...(rare on a Saturday)...he watched basketball before going to hit balls at the golf range and then play basketball with his friends. I'm not keen to BB on TV, so made for a nice background noise as I wasn't paying attention to it.

One of those complete, quiet, no pressure, catch up-type days!

I want to play with some color on my blog once more....tomorrow I will (ok, let me get out my real thesaurus book out....oooo, it really does excite me that my mind is calm enough to care!) .....tomorrow I will rearrange all the haphazardly saved bookmarks on my computer!
Yes, Nugget has EYELASHES!

I know...EXCITING STUFF!  But oh so relaxing and homey for me to do! Something about the stillness, the order of anything in my apartment that I hope to eventually achieve.... comfort


Janine said...

PJ--another reason you don't need a clock: look at how tall your son has gotten!!! I've been reading this blog for years, but that photo just stopped me. Time has been passing, for sure!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Your son looks so beautiful!
I agree with Janine, I've been reading your blog for many years and I remember so well when your son was a little boy... Time has been passing for sure!