Apr 27, 2013

Wonderful Retreat to the Mountains

I had a day off from work yesterday! (teacher work day-no students...therefore no driving!)  I secretly headed to the 'hills'!
 Something about traveling the road by yourself!
 Loved the old buildings along the way!
 Wilkerson Pass rest area...dare to let your eyes fall on the horizon!
 Sign of Spring! It was a little brisk up there, but take a look at THIS!  (and Nugget and her blonde self did not see the cute little Chipmunk!)
 You want to feel the breathe taken out of you when you look out and see THIS???? It never fails. No matter how many times I'm away and come back to the state of Colorado from 1976 on....it blows me away! Between these two photos you are looking at NINE of the 53 Fourteener's in this state. (Mountains above 14,000 feet in elevation) Awwww...never gets old!
 Your looking at the real South Park region!
 "Look!" .....meaning to the camera, Fluff Muffin!
 "Are you looking?"....well, after about 6 takes:
Nugget fits in anywhere!
We walked up the stone stair loop behind this picture ....we sniffed the new smells...we tried to look for any budding of plants (not yet...still too cold) I had a nice picnic lunch inside the car...we planned to walk the Puma Trail sometime this summer when it's a little warmer and everything has bloomed....we looked at our topographical CO map (finding out that we were only 5-10 miles away from the geographical center of the state!!) Those type of things are just soooo cool to me!  (doesn't take much)    .....and we drove back to a very important place- ~HOME  ;)


Sandra said...

PJ you are so lucky! I love mountains and all natural scenery! Gorgeous place.

Nugget seems very relaxed.

Cathy said...

I love Wilkerson Pass - did I tell you about seeing a cougar cross the road on the west side of the pass. It was magical!

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a happy post, Paula!
Sounds you had a great time.
You have a beautiful smile and Nugget is smiling too! Wow!