Apr 13, 2013

Intervention Needed? NOPE!

 Well, why don't we just be REAL for a minute in this blog shall we?  My place is a complete mess! Of course, Ms. Nugget and Mr. Fox doesn't seem to mind! Oh, and I think 'Chipmunk' is in that photo, too!  Of course, Mr. Chipmunk looks like he has rabies, but that is her favorite one!  For 13 glorious days my daughter was on leave HERE with us :)  Notice that I did not do too much unpacking....and that was okay! IMPORTANT things were done....starbucks, crafts stores, Garden of the Gods, dinners out, La Casita, movies to be watched curled up on that couch, etc. etc.

 Nice 'little' view of the living room...oh, and a cute view of what is out back. I just love the rustic fence! Oh, and the birds....doves, house finches, sparrows, robins...quiet noisy in the morning (I was on Springs Break otherwise I'm usually gone before the birds), but it's music to my ears!
 Ever watch those 'hoarding' shows...I have a lot...when you've lost about 1400 sq ft...yes, there is a 'path' to the closet!
and again...Fluff Muffin doesn't seem to mind as the rolling back and forth over Mr. Fox commences.
and, yes....It is over. It is no more. It is done. It is completed. It was hard-it is what it is....ahh, shoot...it's like my new Golden Oasis motto... "No more retreating to my creative sanctuary...I AM IN IT"
Today I put things in my corner curio that made me happy ~
It was a tad cold that day, but we thoroughly enjoyed the beauty around us!


zippiknits said...

Well, you will have that place whipped into shape in no time. I just know you will! You'll find a way. Nugget is so cute, with her toys and stuff. Good Girl!

So GOOD to save all the serious time together for family outings and just sofa time with the movies, or Whatevaaaa! Totally Wonderful!

Sandra said...

Hey PJ, it seems you had a great time with your daughter's visit.

Nugget seems to be already at home, no unpacking needed lol

Love all those candles and the rustic fence! You're so lucky to have such great outdoors (birds and all).

Downsizing is sometimes a bit difficult until you realize, as the wise man said, that the way to live is "simple life, high thoughts"... Good luck in your new place ;)

Cathy said...

A place of your own - it's so much fun putting things together to please yourself.

Enjoy unpacking!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

I am glad you had a great and lovely time with your daughter and son! You look beautiful and happy too.
Nugget is always so cute!

Your living room is very nice!
Have a fun time unpacking!

Lots of (((Hugs)))

Chery said...

I always love the Garden, rain snow or sun and heat. Family is the best thing in the world, I'm glad you have some family.

Maybe on my way through CSpgs next time we can meet up? Probably before Christmas.