Mar 30, 2013

Story of my Life

 A week ago to the started like this-on the first day of my spring break.... it was a full-fledged blizzard with high of  15 degrees.  My 'team leader' at work is the owner of the local moving company. He and the other worker were completely wonderful!  They were so professional under the conditions-They packed the truck and then carefully packed the storage unit with that 'other' stuff and returned to the house to pick up the rest to unpack into the apartment....six hours of work in such conditions!!!
 Then there is the task of putting around 1800 sq. ft of stuff in a 1008 sq. ft space! My kitchen is tiny, but it's cute!
 Many of the boxes you see in this photo are my BOOKS! I had saved all the boxes from the last move and packed the entire house myself...except my son packed his own room. Packing was actually not that bad! (never have before as Navy had always completely that task) I took four weekends to slowly get it done. I also took account of exactly how many boxes for each room I used...for future info.....waaaaaay future. Like I told my's gonna be a while until I ever move again!
 The master closet is large enough to store my washer and dryer! (I have to use theirs in the apartment and I'm not about to give mine away as we had just got them a little under 2 years ago!) All my craft stuff, including my small bookcase with all my craft books, fit quite nicely!  Clothes?  *tsk* who needs them?
 I downgraded to a full bed, but of better quality! My master is large enough for a office corner and a sewing table corner!!!   I think you are getting the picture of what is important right now, huh?
I couldn't help myself...through all the upheaval and having feelings of being upside down...I completely fell for this shower curtain at Target!  BIRDS! It was actually something I had pinned to Pinterest, so I thought that was kind of neat that I obtained something I had pinned!   Yes, I have my own apartment 'nest'!  Important things....crafts, books, birds...size? no worries...after all, it is MY nest!!

~Finally, Happy Easter to really finish off this post...I HAVE BOTH MY BIRDIES IN THE NEST!!! Yup, my daughter flew in yesterday!    AH, life is good  :)


zippiknits said...

Happy Easter Paula!

Your movers are marvelous guys! And I LOVE the shower curtain. Perfect! Love the plan for those corners in the bedroom.

You can just do a wall of books along where they are stored, right? Think of what college kids do for theirs. Cubical like that can serve for the next move as storage, Maybe? Just a thought.... Hugs!

zippiknits said...

PS. So glad the nest if full atm!

Cathy said...

So glad to see you are nesting. Isn't that a joy - to live the way that suits you?

sonia a. mascaro said...

Paula I am glad you have both your birdies in the nest! Just great!

Your kitchen is so cute and the shower curtain is beautiful.
Wow! You will have many books to unpack, but books always give to us a great pleasure.

I always love seeing photos of the dear and adorable Nugget.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.
Lots of hugs.