Apr 19, 2013

Mrs. White did it in the Dining Room with the Rope

 It's started out like this!
 One morning while my daughter was home on leave, we decided to play CLUE. We have a Simpson version...  All players appropriately gathered around! It may sound odd, but I have no longer have a dining room table.. What I had was waaaaay too big for this space, but that is okay. For the past couple of years my son and I really usually bring our dishes to the living room anyway.  Imagine- the only reason I miss a dining table is to put a puzzle together! ;)
 Nugget loved the idea that we play our game on the floor!
 So much so, that at one point half the characters saw giant hairy legs come into their space!
Yup, Nugget was quite smitten with the whole idea!  In the end my son had won the game..making the accurate guess of 'who' 'what' 'where' in the envelope! He wanted to go on to Monopoly, but everyone knows not to play THAT game with him! He wins every single time! Maybe next time when DD is out!
~Ahhh, good times with my kids~

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sonia a. mascaro said...

What a lovely moment with your kids!
Nugget is adorable as always!