Mar 17, 2013

Way to Long

 We just didn't get the snow we needed this year!  I've seen my first Robin, but I have a feeling we will have one more snow storm!
Most of the time this Winter,  it has looked like this!  ...a true Golden Oasis of sorts!

That land out back you see has been dug up already this past week...the urban crawl continues. This morning Nugget was barking, I looked out, and there was Mr. Coyote (as I call him/her) trotting around the mess of dirt piles checking it out.  Yea, Mr. Coyote, your land isn't's Mr. Developers...move on!

It saddens me...I think of all the mouse dens, snakes, spiders, rabbit holes, fox's exactly where about two weeks ago two Northern Harriers hawks were doing a little hanky-panky in the field...ya know, Spring is coming! Did you know Red Tail Hawks EACH eat about three mice a day?
...but houses are more important.  

Well, my own rented house lease is about to come to an end and I have everything packed. I took my time...each weekend for about four weeks I zoned it in my mind and would work on packing. I'm so glad I kept boxes, white paper, and rolls of tape from the last Navy move. That will no longer be. If I want to move, I will have to pay or move myself. I've packed, but I am paying someone to actually 'move' the many boxes and small amount of furniture and with the bulk of it going into a storage unit that will eventually go to my soon-to-be former husband.  It's all pretty much gone smoother than I would have ever thought.

Next Saturday I move into My Own Apartment. It is a two bedroom/two bath. It is a split floor plan of 1008 square feet.  This is a challenge I am very much looking forward to! I would like to share my journey as I embark into My Own Apartment!  I miss my blog...I miss sharing with you, however, to explain the nuances of the past weeks whether it be work, divorce, changing over everything, planning to move would just be too much!! It's a relief just not to talk or think about it right now!!

I've thought of changing the name of my blog. The idea behind it is probably not what you think. It was about gold of a Chiefs anchor...what our family represented, but... ....but I don't know...I will think on that after I move. You would think I think about Nugget with that title, but I don't...need something new!

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zippiknits said...

The saddest thing about urban sprawl is to watch the wild lands disappear. California developers are very guilty. But change is inevitable in a world bursting with creatures who always want more, eh.

I've missed your blogging but understand why it's so hard. It's easy to change what you call a blog. I did. Mine had a different name starting out.

I wish you every happiness in your new home.