Jan 1, 2013

2013 Sounds So Good

{Here is a good action shot of us driving to Monarch Ski Area, CO the Saturday before Christmas!...my daughter on leave from Navy (USS Pearl Harbor stationed in San Diego)}  

Happy New Years to Everyone! I was so happy this morning..the first thing I did was to hang up a Friends for the Library Melbourne, FL Calendar that my brother and his wife sent me for Christmas. My SIL has two gorgeous photos in it!

Nice crisp new year for all of us to reflect on many things! I've come to realize a few of my end of the year frustrations have given me insight. Notice the back window of my car...it was shattered by a rock from a bus in my employee parking lot. FYI your back window of your vehicle is very expensive! Aside from that....with helpful thought from a friend...'no reason to look back into the past...now you have a brand new glass it will allow you to see more clearly'  *YES* What a great analogy.

The color in my hair is out...I'm  fully grey! I have no problem with that at my young age of 42! For years, I would color...many times to avoid certain comments from someone I used to know,  'ah, lookin' a little grey up there' as if it was a hint to color. So, I'm a rebel...I'm grey and I'm proud of it!

Now, my blog is a different story...time for a change! Hope it wasn't too startling for those that view by actual site vs. 'reader'...also, I made a few edits to title and 'about me'. Change is good.

After having Wild Alaskan Salmon over a bed of broccoli with creamy pesto in a sealed foil packet for lunch, I started back to a book my father has shared... I really need to make some progress on. John Adams by David McCullough.  I also worked on my Dust Storm shawl!!

I'll await for word from the dealer...my poor little car- I went into Jiffy Lube for an oil change, and the pressure wouldn't come back, they wouldn't release it to me...as they were worried the engine would seize. Long story short....towed to dealer as it is still under the power train warranty (I hope) otherwise JL was willing to use 'their people'...but GM said no way.  Of course, this was late afternoon on New Year's Eve...today? Well, everyone has off... My old self would have been pacing around today, but my new me especially after last year...I'm really quite calm. After all, it is just a metal and plastic material 'thing'.

Lord, I get it.....really I do. Patience. {Don't EVER ask for 'patience'...you wouldn't get it, you'll get trials to be forced into learning how to BE patient!!!} Thankfully, I have really learned that from 2012....

Onward and Upward!


zippiknits said...

Happy New Year, Paula! Loved the observation on patience! So true! You and the kids look great in your way to to Monarch. Your hair is lovely!

It's taken me far too long realize exactly where N is! She needs anything at all, we are here for her.

I love that book by Davis McCullough. It's great. Happy reading!

Elaine Normandy said...

I like the new look

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, that patience thing......you know how you always fly by people on the highway doing some incredibly low speed and say "I don't know how ANYone can drive THAT slow from point A to point B just to save a little gas or be green or whatever"? Well I just drove back fromSt.Augustine at 55 the whole way because of just changing a flat tire on the camper and it was GREAT!!

Lorette said...

I like your comment about the patience thing; I think you are absolutely right about that.
I also quit coloring my hair, almost a year ago. Your grey looks terrific!

Cathy said...

I can say with total authority that your grey hair is gorgeous!

Best of 2013!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wishing to you and your kids a Wonderful New Year filled with much happiness, joy, good health and peace!

Love the picture of you and your kids and love your smile so much!
You are so beautiful with your new hair style. Love the grey!

I would love also to quit coloring my hair... maybe someday... Lol!