Jan 10, 2013

A Book

My father has read it twice. He has passed it along to me...I took it from Co to CA and, of course, back to CO! It's one of those heavy 700 page suckers! I didn't want it to get marred going in and out of my small car, so it's perfect place was under the driver's seat! At least I wasn't going from VA to PA on horseback in 15 days!

Lately (past year), I have not been able to focus on things...other then tasks at hand. This year one of my resolutions was to read ;)  What year isn't it?

The number one book that comes to mind is this one! My father not only reads, but doesn't his own 'book reports' and notes within a book.  I have taken too long on this one, but I am finally turning some pages!

I am very pleased how it reads! Boy, does this book make you think.... I'm not promising a end date, but I promise a concerted effort to dive right in! My first thoughts are on Abigail, John Adams wife. She was there holding down the fort (her home) and their letters back and forth-the strength of woman back than during those times....  are they any different now?


zippiknits said...

I really loved that book, too. Like you, I think their marriage was amazing, and Abigail was one of the the most amazing, articulate, literate woman of her time.

Anonymous said...

We can have a readalong, because I've owned the book since 2002 and haven't finished it yet.