Dec 31, 2012

Flip the Page on the Calendar...QUICK!

I will not let this day go by without posting on my poor lonely blog! If there are even people still reading!
{with my daughter -her recent visit!}

I want to get back to it. 2012. hmmm...where should I begin? I shouldn't.... the only way is FORWARD!

I wrote this on my facebook today:
No glossy statements. 2012 was the worst year of my life. Funny thing is though, when you are your weakest, you are at your strongest...truly, I never had before felt that, but because of my Faith, My kids, my family, my friends, getting my old job back that I never wanted to leave in the first place, my safe travels, health, my dog (NOT giving her up as someone thought it might be best) couple days ago I asked about resolutions~ I have some~
1. Read more in the Word (and many other books as well!)
2. Finish some wonderful Craft Projects that are begging for attention
...and finally....for this quiet year 2013 of no compromises....
3. To Be ...this is huge and dynamic...

...but then later this day:

Christmas Eve I spent at a glass place to repair my shattered rear window. New Year's Eve I spent at a jiffy lube...pressure never builds and light won't go off. Randy Towing car going to AlSerra Chevy.......why.....if I didn't have back luck I wouldn't have luck at all. {I'm just sitting here shaking my head}

{my son (L) and daughter (R) on her first attempt at snowboarding}

I've had some weeks this December and was with a cold from...down under where it doesn't freeze... from about the 18th to 28th!

2012?  Good Ridden.....2013 I welcome it with open arms!
{the fun drive there!}

YUP, 2013 there will be some changes indeed and, at this point, I'm welcoming them! Stick with me...I'll be back....I promise!   ~ Happy New Year! ~


  1. I love to see your happy pictures. And you have a great attitude!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. 2012 was one of the worst years in nearly everyone's life... onward!

  3. Dear Paula, I also love seeing your happy photos!
    Love your good resolutions for 2013! Just wonderful!
    Your kids looks great snowboarding!


Thank you very much for reading and commenting- Have a Great One!