Aug 4, 2012

Week Before Last

 Had to have a day to myself...I especially like the Garden of the Gods in weather!  The common view are photos of bright clear, don't get me wrong-those ARE beautiful days here, but, personally, I like seeing the grey/blue hues.
  Kissing Camels are always nice!
 Last week there was something I had to do that I would never have dreamed that I would have to do... to state what that was isn't exactly something I want to spell out in my blog, but to 'test' and get a baseline is part of the ongoing plan of  having to move on and quiet some nagging thoughts.

So, I set out to buy myself a ring at the Trading Post.  My comfortable ring size is 9 1/2...hard to find a woman's turquoise ring in that size.  My eye was caught by a faux ring with abalone shell! It spoke strength to me. I will never again have to do what I had to do last week. I am committed to myself....and my son and daughter. It may tarnish is a couple of weeks of hard wearing, but I'll get that ring I'm searching for :) ...and it has nothing to do with diamonds!

..and with this plan of growth, my need to get grounded, I went back to what I loved -to a group I loved working with......I WAS ABLE TO GET MY CDL BACK FROM COLORADO AND MY OLD JOB BACK WITH D-49 DRIVING  BUSES!!!  (the one I was ripped from needlessly back in December when certain people knew things yet failed to share the insight with others.....

Unfortunately, because I had 'resigned'..I lost all my five years of seniority and accumulated sick days....but I still was able to bid on a route and yesterday was my first day...Monday ALL students start back!!! This includes my own son attending 'his'  high school as a JUNIOR!

As Hannibel said: "I like it when a plan comes together!"


Chery said...

Lovely ring. I have purchased several nice pieces at the trading post. I love sitting the Garden of the Gods and enjoying ANY kind of weather, spring snow is the best!

Glad you have your job back.

Bill said...

HOT DAMN!!That's GREAT NEWS!!A true success story! So very happy for you....the world has regained a great transporter of children!!Kudos,Paula

sonia a. mascaro said...

I am very happy for you, dear Paula! So glad you have your job back!

Beautiful ring too!

Cathy said...

It's always good to know where you are when it's chaotic. A full spiral can be a blessing. Always moving onward and upward!!

zippiknits said...

I saw that job insert in FB and Yay! was my first reaction! I'm so very glad that you got your job but they could have given you a bridge to your service if they didn't have (probably) some Dumb *$$ rule rolling round somewhere in the verbiage.

Catching up in here is so much fun. Love it! Hugs!