Aug 10, 2012


This is what Nugget looks like when I've been on the computer too she REALLY should be looking like this!!!   I am such a bad owner...I FORGOT her birthday!!!!!
On August 4th she turned 8 years old!!!!  She is such a good girl and very important to me...especially now more than ever!  Sometimes if I'm down...she helps as she is always right by my side! 

It's been a few weeks, but here is my {Friday Fill-In}
1. I picked a challenging route
2. I spread my wings ...very cliche, but very true
3. I heard kids voices behind me once more
4. I wanted NOT to have a cold this week while back to work
5. I wish my daughter was feeling better about things
6. I noticed I've come full-circle from last October when I was pulled from my job to CA to finishing my first week back where I shouldn't have left in the first place....but I'm all the more smarter and stronger for it.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to picking my son (& friends) up from the movies and sleeping in tomorrow, tomorrow my plans include laundry and Nancy Drew computer game ;) and Sunday, I want to REST!

Like I told the kids today as they went off...'Have a good weekend and don't forget to turn off your alarm!!'


sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy Birthday lovely Nugget! You always look so adorable! I would love to know you in person!

Paula, you have such a lovely friend! Yes, she is such a good girl!
Many kisses to you both.
Have a nice weekend.

Sandra said...

Hey! Happy birthday to Nugget!!!

Hope your weekend went smoothly :)

Wish someone reminded me to turn my alarm off the day before may vacation started, that day I woke up at 5 am, as usual, confused, got up and by the time I had the coffee pot on the stove realized it was my first day of vacation LOL

Glad that things are falling into place :)

Cathy said...

Now your alarm is back on - our schools are in session and every time a bus goes by I think of you.

Such a blessing you are to your riders.