Jul 22, 2012

Is Summer getting Tired?

 Spring is my favorite time of year...newness. I can feel the Summer cycle stumble over its' peak...Perhaps our lack of rain assisted with this feeling.  Coming to an end. I could harp on that idea...that could be the mantra of my year, but...I choose that not to be so.  Just like, Nugget doesn't mind sitting among her weeds :)
 Although, I feel overly reflective lately.
 A Positive- I'm FINALLY working on a project. This is a project named, "Dust Storm Shawl" It's a project that has been mulling around my head for...5-6 years.
 There are three different colors. Can you see them? More on this later!
 My friend enticed me on a meal she made and shared on Facebook. I had to try! YUM...and healthy...indeed, that is something I need to work on!!  This is Lime/Chili seasoned chicken breast over a bed of green/spinach mix...with mango. She had Feta cheese on hers...I forgot that.  Great meal to prepare without heating up the kitchen to much!   We've maintained 90's for weeks..this house has no A/C...thank goodness for a window air that is just working it's little heart away.  It's doable.
 ..as long as Nugget has Mr. Fox!   Seriously, I did NOT lay it over her...she will play with him, tossing him about...and nap with him draped over her!
 ...or sneak a blanket that may be hanging over on the floor!
Nugget and I will go reflect some more!

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sonia a. mascaro said...

Spring is my favorite time of year too. We here in Brazil are in winter, but the weather have been warm and sunny. I don't like cold.

Nugget looks always adorable!
Sending many hugs and many kisses to her.

Sounds very nice your project. Yes, I can see three different colors. Good luck on it.
Kisses and hugs to you too.