Jul 17, 2012


 May I present a Golden Retriever that should not have had my slipper...and KNOWS IT!  Now, Nugget has never tore anything up...she just doesn't do that, but she will 'steal' things...then look guilty! Her best friend, Mr. Fox is next to her (accomplice)!
Anyway...I wanted to share a storm we had last week! Need more of this rain! ..but this storm had awful lightening...
 Kind of odd, but the storm came from the North...
 Sheet of rain coming!
 Awwww.....the wet stuff!
 ..even harder!

True definition of a 'Flash Flood'....our little Mississippi below our back fence! Formed probably in about 10 minutes.


sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Nugget you looks so lovely
when you feel guilty!

Great photos of the storm and of your little Mississippi.

Many hugs.

Cathy said...

Amazing how we can watch the gullies and canyons forming before our very eyes.

I love our arid land!!