Jun 11, 2012

My Newbie Experience! Part One...

 I am going to try to maintain my composure in this post..... OH MY GOSH.. I JUST HAD THE MOST FANTASTIC TIME IN ESTES PARK, CO AND MET A WONDERFUL LONG TIME BLOG FRIEND, Cathy,  AND HER HUSBAND THERE!!!!!  Back when I was dipping my toe into blogging SHE pushed me in :)...and I"M SO GLAD!  She is the most wonderful spunky woman that I totally had a great time with ...even though I can see she is gonna be an ENABLER in this new world of ...wool! Above is the Historic Stanley Hotel..... filming place of King's Shining..otherwise a wonderful hotel I stayed at for a navy recruiting awards ceremony...I absolutely loved it-the essence of the hotel is amazing...(sadly, I remember hearing nothing of the complaining from the other party) but it was wonderful...the woodwork, the history, the Elk on the lawn....and Estes Park is just an amazing little town in Colorado!
 Alpalcas!  They are just the cutest things! My friend bought a bag of the grey one...I forgot her name!  ...the alpalca's...not my friend's name! HAHA
 Then there was the SHEEP! Imagine my eye's at this point...I don't think I blinked while I was there! I was taking in so much information! the varieties and colors of sheep are just amazing!

 I learned they aren't cold- they are protecting the wool from debris before shearing! Who knew?! Makes sense now!
 Black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool?
Notice, this is Part 1, so I WILL return...I just was so excited- I just HAD to get you started!!!!


zippiknits said...

I need to move north! Thanks for Estes Park-part one. It's so great you had so much fun. But beware the wool; fear it! hehehe

sonia a. mascaro said...

Yes, looks you had a fantastic time! Great photos as always.

Sounds so nice to see Cathy in person. She has a great blog!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Paula, I went to Cathy's blog but I could not to left a comment...
I don't know why TypePad don't works to me...

Please, may you send it to her?
"So glad to see you and your beautiful blog again, Cathy! Paula mention you on her post and I am here to say hello.
Love your photo with Riley.
Gorgeous photos as always. Hugs, Sonia"