Jun 3, 2012

Ah, One of those Days...

 My fortune cookie yesterday.  Seriously?
 This was a couple of weeks ago, but take a look at those clouds! Awesome!
Here's what really takes the pain away...when My Nugget looks deep into my eyes and says, "I'm here for you!"    We would only hope that is what is going through her mind ...of course, we all know the truth- 'can I have a new tennis ball?' 'I want to go out and chase the doves' 'Isn't it dinner time?' 'I'm so cute-pet me!'
All the random thoughts of what I want to do...*sigh* sometimes come crashing into realities and then throw the little issue of  'timing' in there...  it all gets muddled in my mind and sometimes I can't HUSH it!
...thinking it's a Lenticular Billow Cloud?  Does anyone have one or two useful cloud sites...can't seem to find one I like!


zippiknits said...

Ok, here's one I like:


Now there are more than ten there and even some videos.

Nugget is saying, "I love you, Mamma." She might also be throwing in a little glint for a new tennis ball, but it's mostly "I love you, Mamma." Have a wonderful stratocumulus day!

LG said...

I agree with your Fortune Cooke phrase!
I love Nugget! Lucky him, no clouds in his mind!

zippiknits said...

Is it time to dispatch the dogs and sled? Should they go through facelands to catch the scent? hehe

sonia a. mascaro said...

I love Nugget! So kind face and sweet eyes! So good to have such adorable friend!