May 1, 2012

May 1st

Awww, May 1st- doesn't that look good? Did you know I had my daughter 20 years ago this month! This is a very good month. Even with present situation...actually, it's even better!! 

Even though the boxes are fading into the background, I'm still organizing and having fun with that! I found a box that I put together back when I was around 9-12 years old. I was a 'Rock Hound'! I loved rocks! It was great to go through, as if for the first time, remembering how I would be SO excited to find a treasure along my path. I still do, but I think over the years, I've lost some 'likes' that were important to me.

 I really need to take better quartz collection with some nice crystals...found in raw form!

The purple doesn't come out as it looks! Looking at a white sandstone rock, I felt incredibly guilty when I found a scribbled note, "Found in Badlands"  yikes, of course, now knowing that you are not suppose to take items from a National Park!

Every new beginning comes from some other's beginnings end~Seneca
Had to read that about three times....SO fitting with what I'm trying to share with you today!
 So, let us go forth and thoroughly enjoy our May!


zippiknits said...

Blogger screens for spam but the spammers get more clever all the time!

I love rocks, too! You love rocks! I guess you are the only other person I know who still has those rocks collected as a kid. Whoot! and Whoot for new beginnings, too!

Happy May, and Happy Birthday to your DD! My sister has a birthday very soon, too!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!!!

Love rocks too! When my son went to Italy, I asked to him to bring little pebbles from the Mediterranean's beach.