Apr 24, 2012


Seems so cliche...layers of an onion

The last few days have been organizing/decorating. All boxes have either A) be accounted for B) repacked for someone else or C) fully unpacked...so, now is the 'fun' part.
Many items have been quarantined to one side of the garage for a day of packing up the little car and driving to either Goodwill or Salvation Army.  These are only items of my own pleasure I have bought through the years for myself and finally getting up to a four bedroom home...I do not need much of it nor do I want the baggage of such. This does include various 'craft items' and 'books'.    
*I know, I know... the crowd gasps with horror*

Amazing the clarity you obtain through trials. Things become crystal clear on many levels.

Now I've hit a point...there are little piles everywhere....waiting to be looked through for the ultimate exclusion or to find the proper spot for.
Don't worry, with this clarity, I'm ruminating the crafts I WANT to work on and the books I WANT to read. This is the exciting part!


zippiknits said...

I forgot to say, if you cast about some wildflower seeds they will come up and gladden your heart. Make a profusion garden!

Cathy said...

It's a good way to evaluate what's here now, what's next.

I did the same thing 13 yrs ago and opened my life for new things.