May 2, 2012

Instead of my Cute lil Black Dress...

 I don't think I ever shared this California Mountain photos...we were coming back from Big Bear after a day of snowboarding for my DS.  Breathtaking! The thought of seeing the ocean, stuck in three different commutes from San Diego to Riverside, going from 0 to 7,000ft, green palm trees to two feet of snow...all in one day! It really is diverse and that's what makes it so special.

My trusty Saturn 'o8 'Astra' longer made :(
 I have spent better part of four years using it for work (rain/sleet/ice/snow), going to San Diego then back to Colorado THREE TIMES... it may be a small car (LOVE the 32-36 mpg), but it has a big heart!  You really should have seen what was in the back and on the back seat when we last went to San Diego...I should have taken a picture! Poor Nugget, a 65 lb. dog only had one and half of the back seat, too!  Not much less returning to Colorado.... and it didn't even look weighed down! Thankfully, I believe the extra sports suspension helped with that.
 It's had skis and snowboards in it, three teenagers with two sets of golf clubs (were the teenagers comfortable? HA! Probably not, but they got to where they needed to go!)....numerous trips to my parents (now, that is where there are limitations because it only has traction control not all wheel the winter I just can't risk it unless their roads are perfectly cleared with a little dirt patches along the way!).
So, last week I had it's new tires rotated and fuel injectors cleaned! She's almost at 50,000 miles!
 Thank you, my 'Cute Lil' Black Car'

on a side note, just recently I was reading Farewell to Arms..and it spoke of a 'Astra'....a Spanish Pistol! 

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sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos of California Mountain, Paula!
Sounds you and your son had a wonderful time.
I agree with you:'Cute Lil' Black Car'!