May 6, 2012


Last night I had a urge to do a Flickr Tile thingy....and my intrigue was Turquoise. It is my birthstone...turquoise or aqua marine. I've alays enjoyed the true Native American jewerly...although I only  one piece. A beautiful turquoise necklace, I believe to be purchased from Effie a Zuni. My father had several rings with her signature Snake.
I dream of painting a found side table with this color...or trim on an cute little white painted house.

I got away Fri/Sat. and visited a close friend this weekend and her husband... good therapy ;)  Before this, on Thursday, I drove South to my parents & and then the next day I drove North...driving is good...especially with CO views....each visit being under a hundred miles of each border.
My spatial thinking working.


  1. I just saw a neighbor painting an old wooden chair turquoise out in his front looked so nice,he left it there!Always been a favorite of mine.

  2. That's my birthstone, too. I love the color, especially when I see it in the ocean waves or atoll pictures.

    Effie Calavasa?

    It's good to be out and about and gives you lots of time to think and dream. No pressure, just you and the road.

  3. Love your Flickr mosaic - it's one of my favorite colors - especially the turquoise jewelry. It's good you were able to hit the road and do some visiting. I'm planning a road trip soon - hopefully next week.
    Have a great weekend!


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