Apr 21, 2012

Fuzzy Doors

 I told her to 'stay'...she has that look, with her cute eyelashes and all, of "OK, Momma, but I don't understand why!"
 Kind of scary how her shadow looks like a person's profile!
 ...but I have something you may not have ....A FUZZY DOOR!!!!
Awwww, my dandelion Infinity Prairie is BLOOMING!!!!

Just some small Saturday sharing for you!


  1. Did you know that I love you Nugget?
    I would love to know you personally... Maybe some day...

  2. That was the EXACT shadow MY head made when I leaned down to pick up the paper this morning! Could be time for a haircut....

  3. Me too, shaggy head! lol. Nugget is a true treasure!

    Getting rid off, or passing on things via Goodwill - I'd come shopping if it was closer lol - is a good thing to do.


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