Mar 19, 2012


Awww, the drizzle just continues! In a short couple of hours, the 'non-temporary' storage people are to come and take half the garage (which is quite full) and just a few things in the house. This is to be put in storage here in San Diego for approx. two years. The rain affects my mood more than it will the movers I'm sure.

If it was any other day, any other place...I would enjoy the water that this part of the earth is receiving. As you see, the trees and flowers are enjoying it.

The coffee I made this morning tastes know those days when you make it just perfectly... maybe, at this point...that is all that matters.

It just occurred to me      ~the gate~


zippiknits said...

Oh yes, the gate. How wonderful a symbol. Very evocative of your next journey.

About the baby tort's shell. When they are as young as Button, they feel "beaded" almost. Great observation. :-)

I'm going to miss you, Lady.

Jeanne said...

I'm not happy when it rains either. Of course you had more than just the rain on this day. It's amazing how much the sunshine effects our mood.
Have a nice weekend.

Shelley L. Snyder said...

I don't mind the rain. We haven't had any in awhile, since it's winter...and even though Spring is upon us, we've had some snow (calling for more this time next week I think), but no rain. The temps have been above zero celcius the last three days or so, so the snow is melting fast...which I quite like :o).