Mar 29, 2012

I have a Problem

I have a problem....hell, I have a LOT of problems, but we won't go into that fully just yet!
But THIS...just takes the cake....MY CAMERA DOES NOT WORK!
Sadly, batteries are comes on, but once I push the button to take a turns off.

Of course, I'm not freaking out as one would think. I've had it since- ohhhh, maybe, maybe just maybe....I can get a NEW camera? I still have some Christmas money from my Dad :)
Ok, readers....what camera do you have and the pros/cons!?


zippiknits said...

Squeeee! You're posting!

I'm so sorry to hear your camera is going woggy! That's brutal.

I still would buy a Canon EOS, Rebel T2I. You might have to go to school to learn how to use it is all. Hehe so would I. It's $779 at Costco. But I'd recommend Sony, too. Their bigger ones.

Actually. I may have to buy something if my old camera can't be fixed. My old canon is going bad, too. But I've had it a long time, and love it. I can't imagine life without a great camera.

Cathy said...

I loved my canon but love the equivalent priced nikon more. My nikon has already outlived the canon and the sony... M's nikon is 5xs the expense of mine and the quality of the photos shows (course I am blind....) but for me - my little $300 camera is ideal.

sonia a. mascaro said...

I am sorry, Paula!
My camera is Sony DSC W220. It's importante that it has the best lenses named Carl Zeiss.
Many hugs!