Mar 16, 2012

Torts and Poodles and Rocks (Oh My)

I just had the most delightful day visiting  Zippiknits at her home!
 Poor lil' thing was sleeping, but he had to be the star of the show with flashing bulbs! His shell pattern reminded me of a perfect quilt or afghan! The texture of it was remarkable...actually, exquisite!!
 ..and another munching on lunch! The noises were quite relaxing and, actually, louder than I expected! Surprisingly,  before I left, he was napping under a piece of newspaper! As if his shell wasn't enough...kind of showing his softer side indeed!
 Then there was sweet Wolfie! He is as sweet as his owner! His button nose is captivating!
 Let me set the scene---- the 'killing' happened in the main dining room, by an inexperienced sock knitter (moi), and it was done with cookies and tea!
 Two very simple things were explained to me...that I think, by me over the hump! It's the same thing I'm always hesitant about.
Woo-hoo...I was sent home with some babies!!!! 
...and then, a love that I have had, but don't really share on my! To be given a rock is just so special to me. I think I eluded to it when a child on my bus had given me one! It's a piece of this Earth....and this is where I wish I could communicate better in my blog writing.  I have these deep thoughts I want to share, but can't seem to get it down my finger tips.
Something, giving of earth, connection with earth, a long time history a rock has-on this earth, we are only blessed to have this opportunity on this earth to have a relationship with earth's rock.
~thank you Lynne~you've made the time on Earth just that much better in more ways than one!~


zippiknits said...

I blame the Scots and the Irish. lol They would bring stones from home.

Maybe it's a Celtic thing? I'm certainly a Celt. The stone reminded me of a little green mountain, like your big mountain. We had a grand chin wag, me Lass.. :-)

Cathy said...

Wonderful all the way around!!

Course I am a sucker for the hardshelled tribes, the rocks and poodles... in any order.

Glad you had a terrific day!!