Jan 6, 2012

up for air this 2012

This would have been a great place for 3 years or more!
One thing I don't get used to...the upside down feeling. Like all the puzzle pieces on the table, you finish the 'nose/eyes' but in this case...it's the kitchen-first!
"Books" .....*blushing* there are probably about 8-9 of such boxes!
  Ahhh, the little moving numbers on every box and every piece of furniture/random items-this time they were green and white..................but guess what?

As a wonderful crew was off loading my 10 crates & 12,120 lbs of 'stuff' that was in storage here in San Diego for four months....that very day we have a 'PACK OUT' date of March 22nd!!!!
                                            **  WE ARE MOVING TO GUAM!!**
So, as I'm unpacked the essential items that are necessary for two months, I am getting the ball rolling to prepare for the Golden Retriever to be accepted in Guam. (a rabies-free US territory) Since she has been always seen my military vets and everything is up-to-date...an appt. for blood work will be sent to TX for the Dept. of Agriculture of Guam...we are hoping, praying, crossing our fingers and toes that her quarantine will only be 5 days and the remaining 120 days be a 'home quarantine'.
  Oh, and as well as getting our 'overseas' screening appointments made.  The 'only' downside is...the dog is our responsibility- financially. It's amazing how expensive 'cargo' is going there and the cost of all the hoops  to go through....and that little fine print of Approval to Guam form has to be sent 90 days ahead of time... we are a little short on that so hopefully the 5 day thing can still happen...but  'GOLDEN is going to GUAM'!
  .....as well as, the "Golden Oasis"!
 Nice talking to you ...as I slip back into the water of details and boxes.


  1. WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! Guam, how exciting! Sorry you have to move again so soon, though...

    Make sure you take lots of pictures for us!

  2. omg you are going to Guam? Wah! But I'm happy if you are happy. Sniffle..

  3. Wow! Sounds great to go to Guam!
    Looking forward to many photos.
    I would love to see photos of Nugget in Guam very soon too!

  4. Moving again? I don't know how you do it! I can't even get myself organized to move one time!!! Of course you can probably pack in your sleep after all the experience you've had :) You probably don't accumulate as much when you have to move frequently. I have 32 years of stuff in this house! Yikes!!! Good luck with the move. I'm anxious to see how Nugget likes Guam.

  5. OMG Moving again so soon! I had to confess I googled what Guam is. Please don´t go without Nugget!!!

  6. Wow - such a globe trotter!

    It's going to be a whole new picture show, huh?! Can't wait to read the further adventures!!

    Hope Nugget makes it there - we'll be cheering you and yours on!!


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