Dec 27, 2011

San Diego!

I"M HERE! :) very nice(after the third time living here- it looks 'different' each time I come) I guess with all the rain they have received things looks 'cleaner' this time!  I'm very tired. We came here a couple days early, so have a couple of days waiting to get keys for housing, but at a nice hotel that is OK because-I can regroup! Get some rest and clear my mind and then be ready to focus on the next segment-moving truck arrival! So, then that work begins.... As I said, my daughter traveled with on her own Navy orders, so lots of unanswered things at her end. She is on leave for now, but after check-in she will be awaiting word on how to get to her ship that is already deployed.....(they will fly her to a port/ship at some point)
My husband? Still in MS with his ship.
There IS a twist to this whole story, but not yet at liberty to share just yet...
Day before we left Colorado!

This morning!
(sorry for the willy wanka text background...really don't know what went on....but that's kind of the story of my life right at this moment ;)


zippiknits said...

Yay! Home you are..for at least now... and in place in a few days which may have already happened. I never thought to check your blog, and I do FB about twice a month. lol I'm a very bad FBer.

Welcome back to San Diego! Glad you have both the kids with you for now. Super!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Paula,
I am glad you are well and back to San Diego! It's so good to have your kids with you.
Happy New Year full of peace, health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

PS: Did you got my e-mail? Love your Christmas card! Thank you! So sweet of you.