Jan 16, 2012

okay, let's get this blog going...

As the box dust settles (although they don't disappear), I feel a great tendency to hibernate. My DH is 'home' now...mulling through all the things he brought out of his truck (it is a big truck!)Basically, it's all the stuff out of our fifth-wheel while he lived here in San Diego during the first part of this scenario and later the single barracks he lived in while in Mississippi. Total time? One year, nine months, ten days....  seems a lot longer!

:A tree in the side yard for a total of three small trees: 
I like trees. As you see,  Nugget the Golden Retriever is investigating the 'new' yard...or chewing on random blades of grass that is sticking through the fence! It's funny how she does that....I guess it's the animals innate instinct for the 'grass is always greener on the other side'!    ....or is it -side!'  (apostrophe within the quotation?)
:This is my view out my living room window:
 I haven't run into too many New Year Resolutions this year. I actually haven't had time to even ponder the past year as we entered this one. One thing that stands out in my mind is that I would like to concentrate on the 'act of writing'...I've said that before, but have treated this blog like Facebook sadly.  Writing on a whim...writing as if I was writing in my personal journal. (horrors) I like my blog and should take better care of it!
:So, what is this?:  This is outside the kitchen window.(zoomed in)
After all, I am moving to an island in the Pacific! I need to take care of my blog for my readers!
Meanwhile, hibernation has simply come over me. I need to read my favorite blogs, pick up the books I was reading before the move, and enjoy many cups of coffee!
 ~Some may say that is 'doing nothing', but, gosh darn, that is exactly what I need!!~


  1. Yay for doing "nothing", Yay for DH close by and sorting stuff and Yay for just enjoying being in the same place.

    Strictly speaking you are doing something now that you have time to read and relax after all that rushing around selling house, moving house, etc. You are entertaining and enlightening your brain!

    That nice plant is a Cape Honeysuckle, my dear, and hummingbirds like the flowers to sip from, and so do warblers.

    Enjoy relaxing and just breathing in and out for awhile to acclimate. Hugs!

  2. Hi Paula,
    I am glad your DH is 'home' now!
    Love as always seeing Nugget walking around and investigating the 'new' yard...
    Love also the view out your living room window and the gorgeous orange flower on the creeper.

    Enjoy and relaxing!
    I am looking forward for the pictures of Guam.
    Many hugs.


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