Jan 19, 2012


Nugget had a funny habit when we first moved into this home. We have the same linoleum in both the kitchen and 'dining room' as you see in the photo. I say 'quote' dining room because it's probably 8 x 8 space. With the hutch and table, a quarter of the table is on carpet not exactly fitting in that space. (this is without the leaf and with only four chairs not six) Anyway, where was I? Oh, Nugget...at first she was unsure of the kitchen for some reason and when I was making coffee, getting her kibbles in her bowl, pouring fresh water into her bowl, she would stay just around the corner-peeking around. Then she would enter and eat her meal. Needless to say, she is back to her usual self lying in the middle of the kitchen floor stretched out like a golden rug!

 Now, to the problem. I'm realizing I will be the whitest person in Guam!  'White' may not even be the proper word, perhaps that word should be... opaque!  Excuse the bruises...when we moved in I kept hitting things!
+charter school appt.
+ vet appt.
+my Dr. appt for overseas
+get new base ID's (electric out so reschedule) 
+passport photos
+passport application 
+dental appt. for overseas
__permission letter from finance co. for taking vehicle to Guam
__my final overseas screening
__my son's appt for overseas
__my son's final overseas screening

There's a lot more, but that pretty much covers January!  I'm a visual type person, so nice to see I'm over half way through with the above list!


  1. Nugget looks so cute!
    Love her photo!
    I am glad that "she is back to her usual self lying in the middle of the kitchen floor stretched out like a golden rug!" LOL!

  2. Hahahaha! She knows where the food appears,and wants to be near you, since you do spend quite a bit of time in food prep and cooking.

    I went to the greenware store. You have to come see!

    Of course you are welcome up the hill, but it's got to be easier to get to the Center for the Ceramically Insane. hehe

  3. So much on your plate - I so look forward to your further adventures - and because you are a visual person that means I can enjoy your vistas!!

  4. Hi Paula,you really have a lot of movement the coming months. Good luck in whatever comes. Thanks for reading even in these circumstances.



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